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Friday, 13 December 04:28 (GMT -05:00)

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Trump Offers Putin to Compete for Multi-Polar World, Eggert Says

According to Konstantin Eggert, a Russian journalist writing for Deutsche Welle, Donald Trump is offering his Vladimir Putin to compete for a multi-polar world, but on American terms. In particular, he highlights the fact that many international experts started panicking when finding out that the USA had withdrawn from the missile control treaty with Russia. They say that this is the end of the strategic partnership between the United States ans Russia and the disruption of the nuclear arms control system created decades ago.
For those of you who don't know, the treaty between the USA and the USSR was signed in 1987 and has been effective between the USA and Russia up until recently. America explain this move by putting the blame on Russia. Allegedly, Russia violated this treaty  along time ago by creating a missile capable of carrying a nuclear bomb. At the same time, the American side reminds their Russian peers that China, India, and Pakistan also have nuclear arms but they have never signed any treaties like that. This means that they can deploy any missiles they want since they aren't bound by any treaties. With that being said, America thinks they are the only losing side in this treaty because the USA is the only side observing this treaty. That's why Donald Trump decided to quit the treaty to let the USA to join a new arms race with Russia and China and win it, Eggert says.
Still, the U.S. delegation led by John Bolton spent 2 days in Russia talking to Russian politicians instead of a couple of hours, which would be enough to explain the reasons for this unexpected decision. After 5 hours of talks with the Russian Secretary of the National Security Council, there's a really high chance of the White House having made the Kremlin a big deal.cKonstantin Eggert assumes that Donald Trump wants Russia to join the USA in order to fight together against China.

Константин Эггерт


Washington Counts on Positive Answer from Russia


It seems that the American government considers the rising power of China the bigest challenge of the 21st centrury. So, Donald Trump decided to resist China's big geopolitical ambitions. That's probably what this situation is all about and why Donald Trump counts on Vladimir Putin. American experts are sure that Russia has no chance to resist China alone. Moreover, Russia and China have a common border, which is 4000 km long. 
The territory of Siberia and the Far East of Russia is 10 times less populated than the northern provinces of China. It's also important to keep in mind that Chinese school textbooks call some of the Russian territories the expropriated land. The 2-million Chinese Army may come close to the Russian border any time. Apparently, Donald Trump and John Bolton don't think that Russia will start moving the troops to the CHinese border in a couple of day. Instead, they probably expect President Putin to evaluated the potential threat coming form China. So, they expect him to understand that the USA needs needs the new arms race to hinder China and its imperial ambitions rather than Russia.
With that being said, the Russian leader is expected to abandon the missile treaty but to avoid deploying nuclear weapons close to the NATO borders. However, it's important to keep in mind that Donald Trump hasn't offered Russia any concessions. Chances are, the USA may ease the sanction against Russia while the secret services of both states may initiate closer cooperation on terrorism and the Syrian issue.
Apparently, the While House cannot cancel the sanctions since a Congress approval is needed for that. Still, America hopes that Russia will evaluate the real threat coming from China.


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