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Wednesday, 23 October 07:05 (GMT -05:00)

Stock and commodities markets

Brent Prices Drop Down To $61/b

The concerns over the global demand for crude oil are getting back to the market again. The current trading week has been a week of discounts. Earlier today, Brent oil saw its price drop down to 61 dollars per barrel. The WTI price dropped all the way down to 56 dollars per barrel. The supply side has got an upper hand.
Publication date: 27 September 04:52 AM

Apple Cuts iPhone Production By 30%

In Q1 2016, Apple is planning to cut the production of new iPhones by 30%. This measure is forced by the necessity to sell out the existing inventories first. Masterforex-V Academy reports that the news already made the company’s stock depreciate a little.
Publication date: 11 January 06:58 AM

Why Are Oil Prices Reacting Modestly To Saudi-Iranian Conflict?

As you probably know, the relation between Iran and Saudi Arabia deteriorated unexpectedly. Despite the fact that the exert community expected this conflict to trigger an oil rally, this hasn’t been the case recently. With that being said, more and more experts start assuming that the situation in the Persian Gulf in particular and the Middle East in general stopped influencing oil prices to the same extend it used to do. The tendencies are changing and it is easy to fail if you want your predictions to be based on the old tendencies and ideas, which are mostly outdated.

Publication date: 11 January 04:07 AM

Brent and WTI Go Below $33/b

The international market of crude oil seems to be seeing a downtrend again. In particular, Brent oil dropped by $32,77/b earlier today. This is a 2,3% decline relative to the previous close. As for WTI oil, it also dropped, this time by nearly 2% down to $32,52/b. In general, the current state of affairs in the global market of crude oil looks fairly logical. The thing is that the beginning of 2016 is associated with lower oil prices as well as a stock market crash.

Publication date: 11 January 12:43 AM

Oil Predictions 2016 - $20/b - $100/b

According to the EIA, the average price of Brent oil in 2016 is expected to be somewhere around $56 per barrel (against $53 per barrel in 2015). Still, the agency warns that this prediction is unreliable since the oil market is probably going to be pretty volatile next year.

Publication date: 31 December 01:36 AM

Royal Bank of Scotland: Oil Prices May Drop to $16/b in 2016

According to the Royal Bank of Scotland , oil prices may go down to $16 per barrel in early 2016. The experts say there is every reason to expect just that – increasing oversupply, lower demand and abnormally mild winter because of the so-called El Nino.

Publication date: 31 December 01:10 AM

Oil Market 2016

As you can probably see, despite the current recovery, the global market of crude oil remains under downward pressure. Amid increasing oversupply, oil prices got down to 35 dollars per barrel and set a new 7-year low.

Publication date: 30 December 01:36 PM

How Low Should Oil Prices Go for Russia to Start Reforms?

As you probably know, on December 14, 2015, oil prices set a new 7-year low. Later on they managed to recover a bit from the low. Still, most experts treat this rebound as a temporary timeout before another move down to new lows.
Publication date: 30 December 04:41 AM

USA Cancels Oil Export Embargo, Global Market May See Major Changes

Last week, the USA made a major decision, which is expected to bring major changes to the entire global economy. The thing is that President Obama signed the 2016 draft budget. This is good news for U.S. oil companies since the oil export embargo is now canceled, which means those companies are now capable of exporting their oil. This is a major event since this is the beginning of a whole new era when the USA turned from an oil importer into an oil exporter. Some experts say this is going to bring some major changes to the global market.

Publication date: 22 December 03:46 AM

Iran Isn’t Afraid Of Oil Prices Below $30/b

As soon as Iran is back to the global market of crude oil as a major exporter after the Western suctions are canceled, Iran is said to feel alright even if the prices are around $30 per barrel. This is what the Iranian Minister of Oil said not so long ago.


Publication date: 17 December 11:45 AM

Innovative Technologies Will Cap Oil Price Potential

Some global tendencies are still pressing oil prices. However, few experts pay attention to the fact that technological progress seen over the last few decades has been contributing to alternative energies and curbing the upward potential of the global oil market, Masterforex-V Academy experts report.

Publication date: 17 December 07:23 AM
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