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Tuesday, 19 January 09:58 (GMT -05:00)

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Goldman Sachs is back in the game

20 years ago, Goldman Sachs used to be a Wall Street legend and a dream company to work for graduates with a financial degree. Over the last few years, the bank has been a loser with thousands of disappointed employees, managers, and investors. However, the other day Goldman Sachs made an attempt to get back in the game.

Publication date: 16 October 01:17 PM

Iran Raises Oil Production To 3,5M Barrels / Day

Iran is reported to have increased its oil production all he way up to 3,5 million barrels a day. This is reported by Mehr with reference to Mr. Javadi, Iranian Deputy Minister of Oil as well as Managing Director National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). At the same time, the Deputy Minister doesn’t deny the possibility of raising the oil production even more given the recently signed agreements. At the same time, he reports that Iran is going to increase its oil exports all the way up to 2 million barrel a day in a matter of days.
Publication date: 18 April 04:53 AM

Apple Gonna Slow Down iPhone Production In Q2 2016

According to Nikkei with reference to some suppliers of Apple products closely connected with the corporation, Apple is going to slow down the production of iPhone this quarter – April through June 2016. They say that the major reason why Apple decided to cut the production is the fact that iPhone sales are slowing down.
Publication date: 18 April 02:59 AM

When Is Euro Going to Reach Parity with Dollar?

Some experts predict that in the second half of the year, the common European currency is going to start losing its value against the U.S. Dollar and is eventually going to reach parity with the American currency. Market Leader tried to find out more details of why this may happen…

Publication date: 10 April 03:09 PM

Amount Of U.S. Oil Rigs Drops Down To 2009 Low

Masterforex-V Academy reports that the amount of oil rigs in the USA dropped by 15 more units to reach the lowest level since 2009. With that being said, only 372 oil rigs are functioning in the USA to date. The information is confirmed by The Financial Times with reference to Baker Hughes. 

Publication date: 05 April 04:23 AM

Saudi Arabia Triggers Drop of Oil Prices

Quotations are dropping at the world market of liquid hydrocarbons. This is caused by certain messages, coming from Riyadh.
On Monday morning the North Sea oil brand with shipment in June has lost almost one percent of its value. The nominal volume of this brand currently costs 38.3 dollars. May agreements on Texan oil are sold at the price, not exceeding 36.3 dollars. Quotations of this brand have dropped by almost 1.2 percent.
Publication date: 05 April 03:08 AM

Nouriel Roubini Says Global Economy Is Going Down To 2008 Crisis

The global economy is gradually moving from a weak growth to slowdown. This is going to drop down the prices on risky assets all around the globe, including commodities, stocks and bonds. This what Nouriel Roubini, Chairman of Roubini Global Economics and Professor at New York University thinks on the matter.

Publication date: 04 April 12:30 PM

Deutsche Bank Predicts Oil Prices At $50/b-$55/b In 2017

Deutsche Bank experts believe that over the next few years we may well see both higher oil oversupply and global economic slowdown as well as a much stronger dollar and higher oil prices.

Publication date: 25 March 05:36 AM

New iPhone SE By Apple Fails To Come Up To Expectations

Earlier this week, Apple introduced a new mobile device – iPhone SE. It seems like the corporation decided to go back to the roots since the new smartphone by Apple has a 4-inch screen. According to the Hi-Tech Department of Market Leader, the audience wasn’t impressed with iPhone SE. Some experts say that this device is going to fail completely in terms of international sales despite being a relatively low-coast device.

Publication date: 25 March 05:11 AM

Saudi Arabia Tries to Get off the Oil Needle

Saudi Arabia will no longer use petroleum as the main source of profit and resource of energy supply. Insted, the kingdom’s government is going to focus on renewable sources of energy.
Publication date: 21 March 02:19 AM

Iran Gonna Boost Oil Export Up To 2 Million Barrels A Day

According to Iranian Minister of Economy, Iran is going to boost its oil export all the way up to 2 million barrels a day. This is confirmed by the SANA. In particular, the Iranian authorities are already working on this ambitious plan designed to get back the status of a major player in the international market of crude oil.
Publication date: 18 March 12:20 PM
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