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Monday, 22 July 01:58 (GMT -05:00)

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U.S-China Trade War Is Sponsored By Consumers

According to the IMF, consumers and producers are the biggest losers in the trade war between the United States and China. Despite growing duties, American companies are not in a hurry to move their production back to the USA.

Publication date: 12 July 01:19 AM

USA Won't Make a Deal with Russia at the Expense of Ukraine, Tillerson Says

According to several Western media sources, United States Secretary of States Rex Tillerson had a phone talk with Ukrainian President Poroshenko yesterday, right in advance of his visit to Moscow.

Publication date: 11 April 09:46 PM

German Government Hopes That Moscow Reconsider His Attitude To Bashar Asad

The German government still hopes that the recent events happening in Syria will help Russia make the right decision. In particular, Berlin hopes that Moscow will stop supporting Bashar Asad in the Syrian conflict.  
Apparently, no one in Germany or the entire EU is surprised with the Kremlin’s hostile reaction to America’s missile assault on a Syrian airbase belonging to Asad’s troops. Moreover, it would be a surprise to see Moscow show another reaction to the USA’s decision to shell the airbase in Syria in response to the fact that Bashar Asad used chemical weapons, which led to massive deaths of civilians including children.
Publication date: 11 April 10:35 AM

Donald Trump Wants Tougher Sanctions Against Russia

Due to the recent events in Syria and Donald Trump’s emotional reaction to them, experts say that President Trump may well toughen the sanctions against Russia for supporting Bashar Asad.


Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have lived up to the Kremlin’s expectations. It’s time for Moscow to think whether they bet on the right candidate during the recent presidential elections in late 2016.
Publication date: 11 April 03:20 AM

Trump Is Not a Barbie, He Was Shocked by Asad's Chemical Attacks, Piotrovskiy Says

Russian political expert Andrey Piotrovskiy commented on Donald Trump’s reaction to the recent events in Syria related to the use of chemical weapons by Bashar Asad’s troops.


To be more specific, the expert says that Donald Trump was indeed shocked by the use of chemical weapons in Syria. He reminds us that any human is slightly more that the society thinks about them. Donald Trump’s recent actions confirm this assumption.
Publication date: 11 April 03:18 AM

59 Strikes at a Time on the Kremlin's American Dream

Many observers around the world see the USA’s recent missile attack on Asad’s troops in Syria as a major event. The decision made by president Trump seems to have changed a lot in geopolitics and the balance of powers, they say.


Publication date: 11 April 12:32 AM

Trump Shows America’s Power in Syria. What's Next?

American President Donald Trump decided to punish the Syrian regime for using chemical weapons by launching 59 missiles to hit a Syrian airbase. This way the American president showed America’s military dominance in the world, experts say.

Publication date: 10 April 05:46 AM

USA Won't Cancel Sanctions Until Russia Gives the Crimea Back to Ukraine

The other day, the White House confirmed that the sanctions against Russia will remain intact until Russia gives the Crimea back to Ukraine, not to mention deescalating the conflict in Donbass, Ukraine.


Publication date: 10 April 05:12 AM

U.S. Secretary of State Discusses Russia’s Aggression against Ukraine with NATO Allies

Not so long ago, the United States Secretary of State visited the capital of Belgium to meet with the NATO allies and discuss the situation in the East of Ukraine as well as Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

Publication date: 06 April 03:50 AM

Sanctions Against Russia Are Legitimate, EU's Supreme Court Says

The EU’s Supreme Court located in Luxembourg has recognized the anti-Russian sanctions as legitimate. In case you don’t know, the European Union introduced sanctions against a range of Russian companies after the Russian Federation annexed the Crimea by taking it away from Ukraine. This means that the Court has now rejected the claim filed by Rosneft, a major Russian oil company.

Publication date: 06 April 03:49 AM

Militarism Will Disintegrate Russia the Way It Did with the USSR, Felhengauer Says

While Ukraine is suffering from losses caused by the Donbass conflict, Russia keeps on implementing its sophisticated strategy designed to escalate the situation in the region. This strategy is said to be creating conditions for capturing new territories. This is what military observer Pavel Felhengauer thinks on the matter.

Publication date: 05 April 12:30 AM
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