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About Us


“Market Leader” is the most popular illustrated internet portal for traders and investors. It provides the visitors with exclusive information every day. The info comes from 55 press centers situated all around the world (“associations of traders”) and from over 20 departments of Masterforex-V Academy.
The new Technical Analysis by MF-V in connection with press centers in 55 countries of the world, which provide us with objective and independent information every day, gives us an opportunity to see the world not the way other mass media do it, quoting us and being surprised and admiring our forecasts, which are extremely accurate. For example:
-          Mass media about the Belarusian Association of Traders
-          Mass media about the Ukrainian Association of Traders
-          Mass media about the Association of Traders from the USA and Canada etc.
We write about what other mass media will write in a week or even a month as trading helps to uncover the tendencies and algorithms hidden from the rest of the world.
Do you want to get the news earlier than the rest of the world? If so, then you can sign up for the RSS of the portal simply by clicking the “RSS” button.
The portal will provide you with brand new, uniquetools of technical and fundamental analysis created by the Academy and banned by more than 40 brokers and dealing centers for their clients. These are:
-          Global discoveries in the field of TA (correcting the mistakes made by Charles Dow, Demark, Bollinger, Murphy, Hartley, Sperandeo, Alexander Elder, Shwager, Larry Williams, Eric Naiman etc.)
-          Revealing the UNcovered mysteries and solving the UNsolved problems of Elliot’s wave analysis (in the works by Prechter, Nili, Fisher, Balan, Di Napoli, Bill Williams and other classics of trading)
-          Brand new, exclusive patterns of technical analysis for getting profit without fail (correcting Hartley’s mistakes)
-          Alternative fundamental analysis for traders and investors ( from short-term “pip hunting” to long-term investment in currencies, shares, bonds and options)
-          The unknown history of global economic crises through the eyes of forex traders
-          Brand new free and trusted forex indicators created at Masterforex-V Trading Academy
-          The secrets of money management unknown to the rest of the world
-          Trading strategies, not taken into account by Forex, which allow to gain profit from flat and trend movements, a new type of support and resistance levels
-          Free and unique techniques of teaching Forex to beginners as an alternative to losing money after successfully finishing special courses under various dealing centers
-          Free consultations given by lawyers concerning the protection of traders’ rights
-          Professional consultation of psychiatrists and psychologists concerning the psychological problems of trading, as well as traders’ family problems
-          New criteria of evaluating a broker/bank/dealing center and revealing the tricks of their trading terminals. The secrets they try to hide from their clients and many other things, reviewed from traders’ standpoint, not from forex brokers’ one.

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