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Saturday, 28 November 14:56 (GMT -05:00)

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Masterforex-V Names the Best Broker for Trading Dow Jones

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the DJIA for short, is one of the oldest and most popular stock indexes in the United States. According to Masterforex-V Wiki, the index plays the role of an unbiased indicator of the entire American economy by scanning the averaged figures for America's 30 biggest corporations(Coca-Cola Co., Apple Inc., Boeing Co., The Goldman Sachs Group, American Express Co., and so much more). If the index is growing, this means that the economy is growing as well. If the index is going down, this means economic stagnation, or even a global economic crisis, which is something that happens once every 10-11 years (1987, 1998, 2008). If the tendency persists, the next major crisis is likely to happen this year.


Who can benefit from a major economic crisis?


There is no denying the fact that a major economic crisis is a disaster for the global economy and most of its players... apart from those who trade and invest in forex, stock, commodities, those who can benefit from both buying and selling assets. The salt for the current situation is considered to be the calculations made by anti-globalist traders. According to Elliot's wave theory, the last wave, or wave 5, of the long-term bullish trend (several decades long), is coming to an end - there is sub-wave 5 currently developing inside the mentioned wave of the bullish cycle.



Will this happen or not? Time will tell. However, even the most conservantive economists out there are inclined to think that the possible 2019-2020 crisis is inevitable and it's time... to make money in financial markets.


Which broker is recommended by Masterforex-V Academy to trade stock indexes?


When it comes to trading stock indexes, Masterforex-V Academy recommends one of the biggest European brokers named FxPro, which is also on the list of trusted brokers by pro-rebate.com and Masterforex-V Expo. Moreover, the FxPro trading terminal offers you the widest range of CFDs:


24 stock indexes, both popular (like SP500, Japan225, Dow30, DAX), as well as some of the indexes that belong to rapidly-growing economies (Poland20, Spain 35, South Africa40 etc.)

85 U.S. corporate stocks (Verizon, 3ะœ, Walmart, Microsoft etc.)

UK's 26 biggest stocks, including Barclays, RollsRoyce, Vodafone etc.

France's 15 biggest stocks, including L'Oreal, AirFrance, Peugeot etc.

Germany's 15 biggest stocks, including BMW AG, Adidas, Siemens AG etc.


As for the drawbacks of trading the CFD on Dow Jones, there is onely one drawback - negative swaps - 0.3$-0.8$ a day per each 0.01 lots of your positions extended overnight.


Crisis Delayed. Dow Jones Industrial Average Still Rallies.


According to Masterforex-V, on February 15th, 2019, Dow Jones-30 was still showing signs of strength within the scope of a rally that followed the crash in December 2018. As we can see on the H4 chart, the index has already broken above the cluster of orders around 25813 and is now moving closer to 26245, which is the next strong level of resistance. The NYSE trading day closed at 25860.





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EUR / USD pair finished the trading week with an increase of 1.48%

The EUR / USD pair is still trading in the green zone against the background of the publication of strong data on economic activity in the eurozone and possible changes in the monetary policy of the Fed in the coming months.

Publication date: 24 June 11:57 PM

Gold is going to update the annual highs

On Thursday, gold finished trading with a confident growth, more than 0.7%, and the quotes again reached the maximum values โ€‹โ€‹of the year. Investors are actively buying gold as a protective asset against the background of high uncertainty about the prospects for the development of the global economy and exacerbation of geopolitical risks.


Publication date: 14 June 12:51 PM

Russia Is Happy: Oil Prices Heads for 2018 Highs

Crude oil keeps on appreciating. Brent oil has come close to $72/b. Apparently, all of the major oil exporters, including Russia, whose national budget has been heavily dependent on the export of crude oil for many decades, are now happy with the current oil price rally. The thing is that the prices have already gone rally high relative to major lows set in late 2018 and early 2019. At this point, they have already come close to last year's highs.

Publication date: 13 April 12:17 AM

Masterforex-V Names World's Biggest Exchanges In Terms Of Market Capitalization

 Stock exchanges are known to be the catalyst of the economic conditions in a certain state or the entire world. Stock exchanges trade the stocks of most enterprises representing every economic sector. Speaking about the blue chips, these are the stocks of big-scale corporations listed on several exchanges simultaneously.

Publication date: 08 April 12:11 PM

CBOE Suspends Bitcoin Futures

The CBOE Futures Exchange (CFE) has recently announced the suspension of Bitcoin futures contracts within the scope of its trading platform. According to the official statement made by the CFE, which is a CBOE branch, the top management is currently considering the fate of Bitcoin futures. In particular, XBT Bitcoin futures for March are canceled. 

Publication date: 25 March 12:15 PM

FxPro Introduces Renewed Site

FxPro, a major international FX broker, has recently introduced a brand-new version of its official website. It looks inspiring! FxPro proves by its own example that trading and beautiful design can come hand in hand.

Publication date: 25 March 12:40 AM

Bitcoin Is Trading At 7-Week Lows, FortFS

Despite the prolonged downtrend seem over he last few months, the cryptocurrency market still remains a point of interest for millions of international traders and investors. Many of them still belive that blockchain is going to change the global financial market to make it simpler, more transparent and easy-to-comprehend. Some experts share this idea, especially as they report about more sophisticated and improved technologies used in trading these days.


Publication date: 14 February 12:33 AM

Alpari Gold: Philharmoniker and Krugerrand - Private Investors

Alpari Gold, which is a part of the Alpari financial brand, has had a professionally bright month. November's biggest event was the participation in a prestigious annual international expo named COINS-2018. 

Publication date: 29 November 07:57 AM

Alpari Gold: Philharmoniker and Krugerrand - Private Investors

Alpari Gold, which is a part of the Alpari financial brand, has had a professionally bright month. November's biggest event was the participation in a prestigious annual international expo named COINS-2018. 

Publication date: 29 November 07:57 AM

OPEC Loses Grip on Global Energy Market

According to many international experts, the OPEC, which used to be in charge of the global energy market, now seems to be losing its control over it. The cartel is yet to fight for its place under the sun amid a new pricing-regulation reality.

Publication date: 29 July 11:16 AM