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Tuesday, 7 July 10:05 (GMT -05:00)

FortFS Announces Welcome Bonus 75 USD

FortFS has announced another promo. This time, it's called «Welcome Bonus 75 USD». The brokers has always been known for offering various bonuses and promos on a regular basis. Basically, this bonus can help traders to give it a try and put the broker's products and services into practice without investing a penny. If you are interested and want find out more information the bonus, please rid this short introductory article.
The promo offer is effective from January 21, 2019 through February 1, 2019. The welcome bonus actually allows you to get $75 (or an equivalent in another currency). Once again, "Welcome Bonus 75 USD" gives traders an excellent opportunity to use all FortFS services, to test their trading strategies while enjoying riskless Forex trading with maximum comfort!
Also, for Telegram users, FortFS has officially launched a Telegram chat where traders can share their views on the latest Forex news and events! If you join the Telegram chat, and stay active, ForFS will randomly pick 5 traders and award them with the bonus that does not require complying with the trading turnover condition!
On top of that, ForFS invites you to join the company's official Telegram channel to get timely updates on the latest market news, analytics, as well as FortFS experts' forecasts.

How to Qualify?


1. Log in to your personal Trader’s Area.
2. Go to the "Verification" section in the "Profile" tab.
3. Verify your mobile number. To do this, wait for an SMS with code and enter the code into the code verification field.
4. Upload the documents verifying your identity and registration address.
5. Click the "Get Bonus" button in the "Bonus" tab ("Welcome Bonus" subsection) when it gets active after being approved by one of the managers.
For more details on the terms and conditions as well as the data verification procedure, go to FortFS's official YouTube channel.


“Welcome Bonus 75 USD”. Terms and Conditions:


The bonus called Welcome Bonus 75 USD is effective from Jan 21 through Feb 1, 2019.
Welcome Bonus 75 USD can only be received once per each trading account. Welcome Bonus 75 USD is unavailable for the following accounts: Newbie, PRO, and S.T.A.R.
The bonus cannot be invested in S.T.A.R. accounts before completing the trading turnover requirements.
Relatives aren't eligible for the bonus. If this condition is violated, the bonus and the profit gained with it will be canceled on all related accounts.
Welcome Bonus 75 USD as well as the profit earned can only be withdrawn after completing the required trading turnover requirement, which is 100 lots for standard accounts and 10000 lots for cent accounts.
CFD group transactions, ETF group transactions, and futures transactions do not qualify for the bonus calculation.
However, your own funds and the profit gained with your own funds can be withdrawn at any time without any restrictions.
You opened a real account and got Welcome Bonus 75 USD.
You started trading and earned 15 USD. So, your account balance is now equal to $90. Still, you cannot withdraw the profit before generating the minimum trading volume of 100 lots.
Now let's assume that you decided to deposit $10 to the same trading account. The total balance is now $100.
Then you made another $50. which is 50% of your balance before gaining this profit.
Still, if the 100-lot condition is not fulfiled yet, you will only be eligible for withdrawing $10 + $5 (50% of the profit gained on the mentioned $10).
If the conditions is fulfiled, you will be able to withdraw the entire balance - $150, in this case.
Affiliates get their commissions as a certain share of the client funds. If the client’s personal funds account for 90% of the total account balance and the bonus is the remaining 10%, then the partner will be credited with the 90% of the standard commission.
The client you attracted gets the $75 bonus and deposits another $75.
The client funds account for only 50% of the total balance.
As a result, the affiliate will only get 50% of the standard commission.
If your standard commission is 65% of the spread paid by the client, in this case the actual payment is this: 0.5*65%=32.5% of spread.
This formula will take effect until the required trading turnover is reached (see p.5).
As soon as the client complies with the requirement, your affiliate commission will be restored back to 100% of the standard commission.
As for various fraudulent actions - for example, the bonus was claimed and received by the same person (or their relatives) multiple times, involving any kind of connection between any 2 accounts (IP address, used devices, etc.), as well as the use of any means that provide anonymity (proxy, VPN, networks such as Tor, etc.), FortFS reserves the right to investigate into the case and cancel the Welcome Bonus and the earned profit.
Please, keep in mind that the maximum withdrawal amount (including both the bonus and the profit) is limited to $150 (or equivalent in another currency). To get the welcome bonus, the client is required to complete the entire verification process in accordance with the Company’s requirements.


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