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Friday, 23 August 00:51 (GMT -05:00)

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Christmas Fairy Tale by FortFS

FortFS has been now for its promos and bonuses for years. Christmas and New Year are coming. This means that it's time for new pleasant surprises. With that being said, FortFS wants to congratulate all of its existing and future clients and wishes them Merry Christmas and happy New Year. To celebrate together, FortFS has announced a new promo. It's called "CHRISTMAS FAIRY TALE".
To be more specific, FortFS has decided to improve the famous deposit bonus. The bonus has now been increased from 50% all the way up to 150%. This means that during a limited period of time you can count on getting 150% on top of the  amount of money you have deposited.
Hurry up and don't miss the chance to squeeze the maximum benefit out of your investments!
The bonus starts on December 17, 2018, and lasts until January 18, 2019.

Advantages of 150% Deposit Bonus


For starters, you deposit bonus is now tripled!
There's no lower boundary on the amount you can deposit to be eligible for getting the bonus.
Now you get the chances to operate even bigger amounts and take biger profits.
The mentioned deposit bonus is available for both regular and cent accounts.
It doesn't matter whether you are an existing client or have just joined in. You are still qualify for the bonus.
In order to get the deposit bonus, you need to choose “150% deposit bonus” from the list of available bonuses as well as the deposit amount when depositing funds, which is done in your Trader's Area.

150% Deposit Bonus. Promo Terms


The promo is valid for 1 month - from December 17, 2018, to January 18, 2019.
The promo implies geting 150% on top of your deposit.
To qualify for the bonus you need to do the following:
to complete the verification of your credentials and your phone number.
to choose «150% deposit bonus» during the process of depositing funds in your Trader's Area.
When the promo ends, the deposit bonus stays in effect according with the «Deposit Bonus» terms.
For more information, please read the complete list of «Deposit Bonus» terms and conditions.


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Forex and Cryptocurrency Market Review by NordFX

At the beginning of the current trading week, NordFX experts came up with another set of market predictions based on a number of expert opinions backed by trending indicators and oscillators. This is what they came up with:

Publication date: 19 August 01:09 PM

Forex and Cryptocurrency Forecast by NordFX. Mid-August 2019

Roman Boutko, an analyst for NordFX, has come up with another consensus forecast for the forex and cryptocurrency markets for the forthcoming trading week starting on August 12, 2019.
Publication date: 11 August 11:42 AM

British Pound And Brexit. What's Next?

The Brexit is going to come to the UK as the result of the 2016 referendum in the UK. 52% of the votes were cast in favor of the Brexit scenario back then. Chances are, the Brexit is going to affect the entire economic and financial system of the United Kingdom, including its national currency - the British Pound.
Publication date: 09 August 09:21 AM

Over 85% Of Bitcoins (BTC) Have Already Been Mined

Publication date: 05 August 03:28 AM

Coinbase Registers a Big Inflow of New Clients

An international cryptocurrency exchange named Coinbase is reported to have registered 5 million users of the last 12 months. This is what the latest report says. In particular, the amount of Coinbase users increased from 25 million users all the way up to 30 million users over the reporting period.

Publication date: 01 August 09:18 AM

Bitcoin Is Likely To Drop, Experts Say

At this point, the market cap of the entire cryptocurrency market is around 263 billion dollars, with over 64% being Bitcoin's share. Ethereum would have to gain more than 700% to break even with the king of cryptocurrencies. At this point, such a scenario looks unreal.

Publication date: 30 July 10:05 AM

Dollar Rate Is Close To 2-Month Highs

The U.S. Dollar is trading around Friday's high while the basket of 6 major currencies is on its way to the second profitable week, waiting for another GDP report from the USA. The dollar rate support a wider spread between the German and American bonds yields.

Publication date: 28 July 08:28 AM

1 Million Dollars For Bitcoin - John McAfee Confirms The Forecast

If someone has been enjoying the BTC rally going on sine early April, today you are probably not that exited about the market conditions since the bears seem to be getting stronger. The BTC exchange rate has dropped and is not trading around $10000 per coin, Market Leader reports.

Publication date: 19 July 04:07 AM

NYSE Launches Slack Technologies' IPO

Publication date: 22 June 05:58 AM

Masterforex-V Names 135 Most Popular Forex Brokers 2019

When trying to increase the amount of new clients, many brokers start massive ad campaigns online. Most of the time, you can see or hear those brokers call themselves the leading players in the industry, the best of the best, which is obviously not true because all of them cannot be as good as they claim to be. This actually makes it really difficult for the common trader or investor to make up their mind when choosing the next broker to go with.

Publication date: 12 June 08:22 PM