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Friday, 18 January 13:41 (GMT -05:00)

Brexit Talks Have Entered Final Stage

The so-called Brexit talks are reported to have entered the final stage. The thing is, Brussels approved the draft of the Brexit agreement the other day. So, now it seems that the long-lasting process of discussing the terms and conditions of the UK quitting the EU is almost over. So, the leaders of 27 EU states are supposed to approve this agreement for it to take effect.
If to belive the recent summit of EU finance ministers, there should be no problems in approving this agreement. As for the UK government in general, and the UK Prime Minister in particular, the situation inside the UK is probably going to be a much bigger challenge. For now, Theresa May promises to personally complete the process.
However, there is another document that needs to be agreed. At this point, the parties are still discussing the details. They say, Spain sill has some claims to the UK. In particular, this is all about Gibraltar, which is a disputed territory for the UK and Spain . They are expected to sign a standalone agreement on Gibraltar. Whether Gibraltar will quit or stay, this will be treated as a concession by one of the parties, international experts say.


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Future U.S. Sanctions Against Russia Dropped Russian Ruble

Russian journalists managed to get familiar with the draft of forthcoming anti-Russian sanctions. Shortly after the draft was published, the Russian Ruble started losing its value against the U.S. Dollar. The exchange rate dropped all the way down to the 24-month low, Market Leader reports. Russian stocks and bonds also followed the Ruble. Experts say that this the downtrend is how the market responded to the news.

Publication date: 06 September 10:42 AM

Masterforex-V Named the Most Promising ICOs in June 2018

Investing in ICOs has been increasingly popular over the last few years. While some investors are looking for opportunities to buy cheap and then resell the purchased tokens at a higher rate later on, others are looking for ways to benefit from discounts and bonuses offered by the companies starting their ICOs. Also, people tend to invest in ICOs in order to back new products and services they are going to be using in the future.

Publication date: 18 June 09:47 AM