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Masterforex-V Named the Most Promising ICOs in June 2018

Potentially, blockchain may liberate talented people from mediators by reducing the dependency of authors from producers, and startups from venture capitalists. Financial transactions have already become cheaper, simpler, and faster. In the future, blockchain will make it possible to conduct honest elections with every vote taken into account.
Vitalik Buterin, Co-founder of Ethereum
Investing in ICOs has been increasingly popular over the last few years. While some investors are looking for opportunities to buy cheap and then resell the purchased tokens at a higher rate later on, others are looking for ways to benefit from discounts and bonuses offered by the companies starting their ICOs. Also, people tend to invest in ICOs in order to back new products and services they are going to be using in the future.
All of us remember that Ethereum cost $0,5 per coin during its ICO. Later on, the coin peaked at $1400. That’s was a real bargain. However, we should always keep in mind that investing in ICOs can be risky. Not to mention scams, an ICO may fail to back a certain project due to some code vulnerabilities. For example, The DAO was hacked and robbed of $60 million. Also, the product or service may eventually fail to comply with user requirements. It may also be poor management or pretty much any other pitfall not take into account during the ICO. That’s why sorting out ICOs is crucial for successful investing.
Masterforex-V Academy experts have come up with the list of promising ICOs in June 2018.



Table 1. The chosen ICOs to start in June 2018
Number 1. DAV(token DAV, website dav.network). The project is designed to develop a decentralized transportation protocol named DAV. This protocol allows you to use transportation services (manned or autonomous), backing a decentralized transportation system. The project is interesting and implies direct contact between the vendor, the buyer and the driver. Eliminating other third parties and reducing the cost. It should be noted that there several giants noticed on the team, including former CTO of GM Dr. Alan Messer, former NASA astronauts Dr. Scott Horowitz and George D. Zamka, Jerome Ferguson from UPS, as well as several representatives of Cisco, Ford, IBM and other corporations. At this point, the project has raised over 24 million dollars against 38 million dollars planned. The ICO started on June 11th and will end on June 25th. The ICO has been popular due to several big names from major corporations as well as a number of articles in popular editions like Forbes, TAAS, Tech Drive, Vice etc. During the pre-ICO them managed to sell over 60% of their tokens.
Number 2. Qurrex (token QRX, website qurrex.com) – a project dedicated to creating a trading terminal. The tem has already created a working prototype downloadable from the company’s website. The developers claim that their platform is going to be 10 times as fast as Polonex or Bitfinex. The ICO started on June 10th. At this point, the project has raised over 24 million dollars against 35 million dollars planned. Since the project has been popular, it’s probably going to raise the planned amount.
Number 3. Iryo (token IRYO, website iryo.network). This is an ambitious medical startup aimed at solving one of the biggest problems today’s healthcare industry is currently facing. According to some comprehensive research, the average patient gets consultations from 20 various medical experts, which creates a bunch of medical records scattered around medical institutions and having various formats (mostly incompatible with each other). With that being said, the project is planning to unify those medical records and encode them and give the user full control over their medical records. Also, it’s expected that the user will be able to use IRYO tokens to pay for medical services. The ICO started on June 10th. At this point, the project has raised over 15 million dollars against 26 million dollars planned.
Number 4. Streamity (token STM, website streamity.org) offers a platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Today, buying or selling a cryptocurrency is often a difficult task. Most exchanges are tailored to Bitcoin and Ethereum. For the most part, if you are willing to buy another altcoin, you will have to buy BTC oe ETH first in order to exchange them for the desired altcoin. With any of those transactions, you will have to pay a considerable fee, sometimes 10% or more. That’s why StreamDesk is so important for international investors, which is confirmed by 4.2 million dollars invested in the platform during the pre-release stage. They startup is planning to raise 20 million dollars. The ICO is scheduled for June 25th.
Number 5. COTI(token COTI, website coti.io). This is a project aimed at creating a digital currency and a payment system named COTI. This ambitious project is planning to make rival to such giants as VISA and MasterCard, as well as some online payment systems. They are going to cut the fees and exclude excessive third parties involved in the process while making transactions lightning-fast. The project has several big names on board, including the former Head of IBM Research and the former Risk Management Director of Ripple Labs. The road to raising 30 million dollars started on June 15th. During the pre-ICO they raised 3 million dollars.
ZeroState(token ZSC, website zerostate.io) is aimed at creating an ad platform with a tool allowing advertisers to get feedback from the audience. Any user may earn tokens by leaving reviews about the advertised products and services. The blockchain will take care of fake reviews. At this point, there is a mobile app called ZeroState. It’s available on the AppStore and GooglePlay. Over 70 000 users have already download it. At this point, the startup has raised over 1.5 million dollars. The planned amount is 20 million dollars. The ICO starts on June 21st.
FTEC(token FTEC, website ftec.ai) is tailored to creating a whole range of software products for trading cryptocurrencies – from news analyzer to and bot renting service (for automated trading) up to the service analyzing trader behavior and inter-exchange arbitrage. The ICO starts on June 20th. At this point, the project has raised over 1,4 million dollars against 18,5 million dollars planned.
DPLAY.GG(token DPX, website dplay.gg) is all about trying to automate eSports championships and creating a related blockchain-based ecosystem to bind the hosts, the players and the advertisers. Several beta tests have been implemented over the last few years, embracing over 6000 participants competing in such famous games as Dota2, PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and so much more. The startup has been backed by 1600 investors investing 1,2 million dollars out of 1,8 million dollars planned.
Crystals(token CRS, website crystals.io) is tailored to the fashion business. Due to intensive competition in the industry, this business is highly segmented in terms of geography and some other factors. The startup is planning to unite fashion agencies and talented people worldwide into a single decentralized fashion ecosystem without third parties. At this point, the startup has raised over 1.2 million dollars. The planned amount is 15 million dollars. The ICO starts on June 19th.
Paygine(token PGC, website paygine.com) is another attempt to bring cryptocurrencies to the world of finance. This is going to be an open platform for everyday use of cryptocurrencies along with fiat money. Paygine is based on an already working system named Best2Pay, which cooperates with Visa and MasterCard, as well as some other financial giants as SEB and Raiffeisen. At this point, the startup has raised over 0.85 million dollars. The planned amount is 30 million dollars. The ICO starts on June 18th.
Find.Exchange(token FEX, website blockchain.find.exchange) is about creating a global exchange system designed to exchange cryptos for fiat money without banks and other exchange houses. The blockchain-based system will make it possible to get rid of intermediaries, back client security and the fulfilment to obligations. This project claims to reduce the transaction fees by u to 7%. The ICO starts on June 30th.
EIPlatform(token EMI, website eiplatform.io) is tailored to the eSports world, some kind of a rival to DPLAY.GG. The platform is expected to provide cyber-sport teams with direct access to sponsors, brands, and fans, with a lot of opportunities to monetize their activities. The ICO starts on June 18th.
Joys(token Joys, website joys.digital) is about solving the problem of paying (fully or partially) with cryptos in offline stores. The ICO starts on June 21st.
PeruCoin(token PERU, website perucoin.com.pe) is designed to promote cryptocurrencies in Peru by creating a local mining firm. A series of excursions is planned for this purpose. The ICO started on June 16th.
Tutellus(token TUT, website tutellus.cryptonomos.com) stands out from the crowd since it already offers a ready-made platform named Tutellus. It has been functioning since 2013. This an online education platform for Spanish-speaking countries. At this point, the platform stores over 130 000 online tutorials on a wide range of topics. The key goal of this ICO is to introduce to the platform the principle of making money through earning TUT tokens. This is designed to boost students’ motivation. The ICO started on June 12th.
So, what is the difference between successful ICOs and the rest of them?
While some startups raise millions of dollars during pre-ICOs, some other startups struggle to get sufficient funding during the whole process and eventually see their ICOS fail miserably. Why is that? According to Masterforex-V Academy experts, there are several reasons for that. It’s not enough to come up with a unique idea. It has to be useful and solve some really burning problems, especially when it comes to the fields where blockchain can be applied successfully. For the most part, it’s all about making transactions cheaper and faster, eliminating intermediaries, making the service more secure and stable, and so on.
On top of that, a team of skilled professionals is also important when it comes to starting a potentially successful ICO. People who have been working in the industry for years usually know what exactly needs to be changed to make things work faster, better, cheaper, more secure etc. Some teams are hunting top managers working for big companies in order to hint at the seriousness of their ambitions.  If the team has come up with a working product, that’s a plus for the ICO. 
However, one of the key factors leading to success but often ignored by those starting ICOs is the need for a decent PR campaign. For most startups out there, it’s all about Twitter, Youtube, Telegram. However, they somehow fail to take into account the importance of appearing on news websites like Google. News. That’s one of the biggest reason why most of them end up being underfunded when their ICOs eventually expire. The bottom line is, if you are planning an ICO, never ignore news sources.


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