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How to become a European bank co-owner?

Do you want to get absolutely legitimate access to the EU’s banking system by becoming a co-owner of a European bank to have personal and corporate accounts in your own financial institution? It’s like having a VIP card by VISA or MasterCard with huge discounts worldwide…
Actually, enumerating the list of benefits and hidden bonuses for bank co-owners can take a while (by the way, many of those bonuses are hidden from the public eye even in the Internet era). Well, some of you would claim that it’s tempting but costly since buying 2-3% of a bank stock may cost millions of dollars. At the same time, others would respond that it’s actually not that costly thanks to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. They would remind us that The World Bit Bank (WBB) started a pre-ICO in April 2018 with Wibcoin.
Are cryptocurrencies worth investing? Strengths and weaknesses for investors

Masterforex-V Academy’s leading expert Oleg Voron says that it’s very important to keep in mind one thing before thinking about investing in any asset out there. In particular, we should always remember that ANY investment is risky to some extent.
Let’s take gold as an example. Is it a reliable asset to invest or not? Most people strongly believe that gold is unbeatable and investing in gold is always a good idea. However, all of those who bought gold 7 years ago in April 2011 at $1550/oz are still struggling with losing trades or had to put up with financial losses. The thing is that the cost of CME COMEX gold futures has been fluctuating between $1100/oz and $1350/oz ever since.
On the contrary, those who bought Bitcoin 7 years ago at 6-8 dollars per coin have been enjoying at least 10000% profits even at today’s exchange rate of $6800 per 1BTC. This brings us to the idea of a completely new investment era, with different trends based on different algorithms:

a) conventional assets (precious metals, fixed property, blue chips etc.) have been going flat over the last 7 years, with zero or negative profitability rates;
a) blockchain-based cryptocurrencies have set new all-time profitability records for financial assets.
Are all cryptocurrencies equally profitable and reliable? No, of course not! At least this is what most experts say. So, it’s important to know how to separate the good from the bad, the startups that have potential from fakes. That’s equally important in any field, no matter whether you invest the conventional way or with cryptocurrencies.
How do we find decent projects and what’s so appealing about Wibcoin by The World Bit Bank?
For those of you who don’t know, Market Leader has launched a new project dedicated to selecting promising crypto-startups among more than 1500 ICOs and pro-ICOs. It’s wise to choose only among those projects that are backed by considerable marketing and legal support and are popular with the market, which gives them high chances of succeeding in the mid-term / long-term perspective.
The algorithm behind this selection is fairly simple. Each of our experts creates their own independent TOP10 rating of promising crypto-startups by rating them accordingly (10 points for the first place, 9 points for the second place, and so on). If a certain project appears on the TOP10 with several experts, we start telling you about it.

In April 2018, Wibcoin has been number one. What are the strength of this coin by The World Bit Bank?

First of all, buying a piece of an EU bank is an excellent idea, especially given the fact that the founders are going to create a crypto-exchange, a broker and other elements of the infrastructure backed by the bank. It’s important to note that each of those business ideas can be very profitable over time:
Secondly, they have already obtained EU licenses FRK000019 and FVR000027 to legally buy and sell currencies.

Thirdly, the project employs a team of highly-skilled professionals from multiple business fields (bankers, lawyers, experts in CEO, PR, marketing, investing, programming, and so on):
Vladislav Romanenko (Mobile APP development), Maxim Boyko (Mobile APP development), Sergey Kulik (Senior Web Developer), Alina Sysa (Lawyer, banking specialist), Tatsyana Soldatova (Project manager), headed by highly-expericened CEO Igor Romanenko (Founder, CEO - "World Bit Bank"). The project is consulted by Sebastian Forbes (Financial Expert), Victor Chow (Asian Market and Investment Expert), Sriram Venkataraman (Banking, Capital Markets Expert).

On top of that, all of the team members have many years of expertise under their belts, including a successful project named "Vitsolutions" LLC.
By the way, Wibcoin (WBB) is based on the ETHEREUM platform (the ERC-20 standard to be more exact), which is the world’s most cutting-edge technology to date.
All investors get free VISA or MasterCard cards pegged to their WBB Wallets.
Moreover, the project promises an excellent pre-ICO bonus program – 10 to 25% extra tokens.

How to purcahse Wibcoin tokens to co-own The World Bit Bank?
The process is simple and takes up to 10 minutes at most:


1.     Go to www.wbb.io and by clicking “Buy Wibcoin Token”

2. Sign up and enter your personal area
3. Click “Buy Tokens” and choose your payment method and the amount of ETH to spend.
Plain and simple, isn’t it?
The Weaknesses of Wibcoin by The World Bit Bank.
At the same time, the experts interviewed by Market Leader warned us about a range of weaknesses (like with most ICOs) which may raise investor concerns. For instance:
The website dedicated to Wibcoin names only the positive scenario – collecting 25 million euros (5% will be spent to salaries, and 20% will be spent on the development process (10%) and marketing (10%). However, they don’t mention anything about the situation if they fail to collect the mentioned amount.
The next thing is the absence of instant support. If something happens, the investor leaves his credentials on the website and hopes to get some feedback from the bank. Well, this looks a bit weird. There is nothing about prosomal managers for those willing to invest millions in an EU bank.
There is no clarification about the rules of the future tokens, which are going to turn into the bank’s stock. Will they be buying back (burning) some of their tokens to raise their value and when?
It’s unclear when the team can access their share of the collected capital (25%). Can they do it only when the coin is accepted by international exchanges or only upon collecting 25 million euros?
Relatively weak online ad campaigns that make it difficult to collect 25 million euros. It’s easy to check.



How are they going to collect the required amount of money without being advertised in the media.

So, the question is what is the best time to buy Wibcoin tokens? Now or when the drawbacks are eliminated? It’s up to you to decide. There is a rule that reads that the earlier you join in the riskier it is but the more money you can actually make. The more obvious the success of the token becomes to the average investor, the less profitable and risky the investment becomes.


If you join in during the pre-ICO stage, you get some bonuses:

- 100 - 500 Wibcointokens – 10% bonus
- 500 - 1000 Wibcoin tokens – 15% bonus
- 1000 - 5000 Wibcoin tokens – 20% bonus
- 5000 - 10000 Wibcoin tokens – 25% bonus
Pre-ICO World Bit Bank starts on April 27th and closes on June 26th. At the same time, like with any real cryptocurrency, the Wibcoin stack is limited. They say it’s never too late to become who you want to be. Let this ancient wisdom assist you in making the right decision.



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At the same time, he underlines that today’s threats are slightly different from those seen 30 years ago. First of all, he says that such powers as China and Russia create a lot of dangers in the field of cyber security. Moreover, he believes that their governments not only avoid prosecute local hackers, but they also spur hacker activities and even hire them to do some dirty jobs. On top of that, he believes that those counties are involved in stealing money and technologies, intervening into the internal affairs of other countries, both small and vulnerable and even powerful ones.
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Europe Is getting Ready for Euro Disintegration, Stratfor Reports

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Dialog between Washington and Moscow Turns into a Clash of Ambitions

According to some political observers, both Russian and American politicians are ambitious, which is why the dialog between them is gradually getting harder to maintain.


More and more Western experts say or imply the word “crisis” when talking about the relations between the United States and Russia. They say that the key reason for this is the fact that the Kremlin treats some of the regions in Eastern Europe as those included in Russia’s area of influence while the Western world wants to see those regions as emerging Western-style democracies. This is the very contradiction that leads the sides to confronting each other.
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Trump Starts a New Arms Race with Russia

More and more experts say that president Trump nearly destroyed the Russian economy by starting a new arms race.


For those of you who don’t know, in late February 2017, Donald Trump announced his decision to increase the defense budget by 10% next year. However, this wasn’t an unexpected decision since Donald Trump had mentioned the necessity to boost defense spending a number of times, even when making his election pledges as a candidate.
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No Big US-Russia Deal, Ukrainian Minister Klimkin Says

So far, Ukrainian Minister of External Affairs Pavel Klimkin has been spending most of the time abroad, including Washington, New York, Munich and other Western cities. Over the last couple of weeks, he managed to participate in a number of meetings.

While the entire world is watching President Trump still making his first steps in big politics, the European Union is getting ready for elections in several EU member states. Apparently, the Western world is not focused on Ukraine now as it used to be a couple of months ago. That’s why the minister is travelling around Europe and the USA trying to explain the pain that Ukraine has been suffering from over the last couple of years.
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Don't Mess With America! USA's Military Power Will Be Reinforced, Trump Says

President Trump is planning to seriously expand the budget spending on defense while upgrading the U.S. Army and Navy in order to stay the world’s biggest military force. Donald Trump is sure than after the USA has regained its strength, nobody will want to mess with America. By the way, Donald trump believes in peace through force.

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US-Russia Deal at the Expense of Ukraine Will be a Strategic Mistake, Vershbow Says

Since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, the international community has been discussing the possibility of a big deal between Moscow and Washington, with the USA betraying Ukraine and giving it to Russia. In reality international experts can hardly believe that this can happen. Alexander Vershbow, former Deputy Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, shares this standpoint.


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