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Friday, 19 April 04:41 (GMT -05:00)

Foreign exchange market

Alpari Cashback Paid Clients Over $6 Million in 3 Years

There are tons of various forex bonuses, promos and loyalty programs out there. Alpari Cashback, a loyalty program by Alpari broker, is especially popular with millions of international traders. Alpari, is one of the largest forex brokers in the world, with nearly 2 decades of expertise and spotless reputation.




According to customer feedback, the program has been stable and spotless ever since it was launched 3 years ago. For those of you who don’t know, the program allows Alpari traders to save on trading expenses and get a certain share of them as cashback. Moreover, since being launched, Alpari Cashback has already paid traders over 6 million dollars of cashback. Alpari reports that all kinds of market participants make use of the loyalty program – traders, investors, and money managers. The accumulated bonus points are further used to optimize trading conditions. On top of that, the service makes it possible to save on spreads, to convert bonus points into cash, to withdraw without commissions, and so much more.
Financial experts from all over the world say that Alpari Cashback is an unprecedented program for the online trading and investing segment, both in terms of scale and opportunities.
As for alps (ALP), which is the name for Alpari Cashback bonus points, they are credited for any activity, including registration, depositing funds, and trading. Thanks to the opportunity to get those points for being active and convert those point into something that improves their trading conditions, Alpari can really enjoy flexibility and better financial performance within an improved environment that favors them. Once again, you can exchange those bonus points, into various discounts, spread cuts, fiat money etc.


If to be more specific, Alpari experts report that the most popular Alpari Cashback options are:


Spread refund. Over 2,8 million dollars paid.
Commission refund on ECN accounts. Over 600 000 dollars paid.
Deposit commission refund. Over 550 000 dollars paid.
Also, since Alpari Cashback was launched 3 years ago, Alpari clients have redeemed over 400 000 discounts. Most of the participants of Alpari Cashback have already got $10K or more. The developers of the unprecedented loyalty program claim that the users will soon get an opportunity to enjoy a whole range of new options for even more effective trading and investing.
They also claim that they made Alpari Cashback to implement the idea of individual approach to each and every trader and investor out there willing to work with Alpari and enjoy the benefits of Alpari Cashback. The clients can be flexible when choosing the options they like and want to benefit from. These are not just empty words. The pace at which Alpari Cashback has been gaining popularity and the money paid to the users can be viewed as the proof of success. Today, the scale of Alpari Cashback can be compared to the counterparts offered by the leading international corporations of the FMCG market. So, Alpari is going to improve Alpari Cashback and expand it with more options to choose from.




When it comes to the latest improvements, Alpari Cashback has got a brand-new service for monitoring and analyzing trading expenses. The software displays the user’s expenses in U.S. Dollars for the spread, ECN commissions, as well as deposit and exchange commissions. You can find this services in the “Alpari Cashback” section of your personal area.
Also, Alpari improved the entire system earlier this year, which backed increased productivity and accuracy when processing big amounts of data in real time. At the same time, Alpari Cashback is an exclusive piece of software created by Alpari’s developer team and based on cutting-edge tech solutions for online trading.
About Alpari

Alpari is an international financial brand, with one of the most respected and recognized products and trademarks in the global forex community. As of today, Alpari can boast over a million clients from 150 countries of the world. The company has over 80 offices around the world.
In many of them, Alpari is the leader both in the number of active clients and their aggregate trading volume. Last year, Alpari’s annual trading turnover exceeded 1 trillion dollars! In October 2017 alone, the monthly turnover reached 121,6 billion dollars, which is 6% more than the turnover for the previous reporting period and the highest monthly turnover in 2017.
Alpari Cashback, a unique loyalty program by Alpari, was launched in December 2014. Within the scope of this program, active traders get bonus points for trading, investing, and depositing funds, and the collected points can further be redeemed in a number of ways for improved financial results. For more details, please visit https://alpari.com/en/promo_bonus/alpari_cashback/




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