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Tuesday, 21 May 01:20 (GMT -05:00)

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Pavel Krymov on the New Look of Venture Investing

Not so long ago, Ukraine hosted the first conference dedicated to block-chain business. The event was visited by some of the most popular representatives of the crypto-currency industry, including the owners of crypto exchanges, top managers, investment fund managers, developers, and the owners of other related financial projects.


Pavel Krymov, who is a well-known and respected expert in financial marketing, investing, and the author of several exclusive strategies of promoting financial services, was also among those who visited the conference.


Not so long ago, he wrote about his deep interest in crypto-currencies while explaining the reasons for their growing demand worldwide as well as their mid-term and long-term prospects for both financial markets and businesses. On top of that, the expert outlined some business opportunities based on Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies out there.


A "ТСН" observer interviewed Pavel Krymov to find out what was exiting about BLOCKCHAIN BUSINESS FORUM for the expert, what changed in the crypto-currency market over the last few months, and what existing and potential business projects can be promising for the investor.


Mining, crypto-stocks, ICO ­– new landmarks for financial markets



Question: Pavel, why did you decide to visit BLOCKCHAIN BUSINESS FORUM?


Pavel Krymov: First of all, I did it because crypto-currencies and everything related to them belong to a new global trend. Today, 25% of online startup projects are related to crypto-currencies or the so-called block-chain technology. As a marketing expert, I have to know what’s going on in the industry.


Secondly, I got interested by smart contracts and using block-chain in non-financial sectors. I got all the necessary information during the forum.


Thirdly, I got a number of useful talks and planned a number of important meetings with other experts from the field.


Also, I’d like to thank the hosts of the conference for letting us get together and exchange views, ideas, and valuable information.


Question: What were those ideas?


Pavel Krymov: They were mainly related to the new concepts of brining investors to online startups based on crypto-currencies (ICO, for example), as well as emitting personal crypto-currencies, making 100% a year on mining, composing block-chain-related investment portfolios, and emitting crypto-stocks.

Some expert shared useful info on the legal peculiarities of working with crypto-currencies in various jurisdictions, venture investing based on block-chain, and so much more.


Question: A month ago, you wrote that Bitcoin would cost over $2000. Have you changed your mind since then?


Pavel Krymov: No, I haven’t. This is the minimal price I expect since the upward potential is huge and the tendency is obvious. Bitcoin keeps on setting new all-time records. Even though the price retraces at times to take a timeout, over the next couple of days, it goes higher again. I already told you about the drivers pushing Bitcoin higher.



Question: What can you say about alternative crypto-currencies – Altcoins?


Pavel Krymov: When it comes to Altcoins, I would choose Ethereum – a second-generation crypto-currency, which (as its creators believe) is designed to oust Bitcoin. As for other Altcoins, they are unpredictable and can produce unexpected results.


Question: What new projects do you expect in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet?


Pavel Krymov: I expect new exchanges and related services to emerge over the next few years. They can be created with investors in mind, since the industry is likely to see an investment boom.


Question: If it’s not a secret, what projects have you recently been working with?


Pavel Krymov: The thing is, I am bound by non-disclosure agreements, which is why I cannot disclose this kind of information. No comments.


Question: You mentioned your personal interest in the field. Does this mean that you are going to launch your own startup?


Pavel Krymov: For now, I cannot tell you for sure, but it’s highly probable. In particular, I have been thinking about creating a product combining the aspects of financial, technological, and startup sectors. If this idea turns out to be a success, I will definitely let you know.


* "Smart people can get true wealth when they are really committed to this" (George Soros).



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