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Friday, 19 April 04:19 (GMT -05:00)

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25th Amendment Threatens Trump with Impeachment

President Trump is reported to have found himself in another unpleasant situation. To be more specific, just for revealing some top-secret information to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, he is now threatened with a possible impeachment. They say that the 25 amendment to the American constitution, this becomes a very likely scenario. In particular, this assumption was put forward by an advisor who used to work for George Bush Jr.




The expert recommends that President Trump get familiar with the 25th amendment. This amendment was introduced to foresee the cases of sudden illness or death of the president, the way it happened with John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. Still, the amendment spreads over other situations when the president is unable to act and fulfil obligations.
At the same time, Donald Trump is convinced that he actually had the right to discuss the top-secret information with the Russian minister and ambassador. From the stand point of law, revealing secret information by the president is not something illegal. However, his opponents are clearly determined to catch at the chance and use this to prove that the president is incompetent and can undermine the stability of the United States.
The scandal now seems to be getting bigger and bigger each day. The calls for impeachment are getting more frequent, especially after Donald Trump fired the FBI Director he had previously appointed. This was related to the investigation of the alleged Russian trace in Donald Trump’s victory in the latest presidential election in the United States.
It seems that the Republicans are running out of patience, especially after Donald Trump gave some secret information to the Russian foreign minister. Further on, Donald Trump confirmed this and said that he had the right to do so, especially as he wanted to get Russian more involved in the war on international terrorism.


Experts think that the situation is more serious that one might think since President Trump’s actions may spoil his relations with the secret services. Mass media think that Trump’s administration should clarify the situation around the decision to fire FBI Director James Comey since this decision is now viewed as an attempt to slow down the FBI investigation on the Russian trace in the U.S. presidential election 2016. If so, this is violation of law. Expert think that the secret services should continue the investigation without any pressure on those involved in the investigation. They think that if the investigators manage to find something else compromising Donald Trump and his administration, they opponents will definitely catch at the chance and start the impeachment procedure right away.


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