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Why Is Russian Political Elite Concerned About Macron’s Victory?

According to Russian journalist and writer Sergei Leskov, if the Kremlin lacks courage and wisdom to see Macron’s victory as a sign of changes dictated by time, they will have to face serious challenges further down the road. For now, high-ranking Russian politicians are said to be leaving fairly diplomatic comments about the fact that Emmanuel Macron has won the presidential election in France and is now President Elect.






However, they have to admit that this scenario is not in favor of Russia. In fact, this is the worst-case outcome of the French presidential election for Russia since President Elect Macron is loyal to the USA and Ukraine, unlike his opponent Marine le Pen. Moreover, Macron is an advocate of globalism, multi-culturalism and European values. He is closely tied to big-scale financial capital and is raised financially by the Rothschilds. Moreover, he doesn’t recognize the Crimea as a Russian territory and backs sanctions against Russia.


We could spend hours talking about those things. However, it’s not about all those factors when it comes to Russia and their concerns related to Macron’s victory. The biggest threat for the Kremlin in this case is this:

Macron managed to win the election without being backed by significant political powers. He made in just in 6 months, relying on social media and the youth. Essentially, this is a wake-up call for the political establishment of the world coming from the French political elite who lost the lection
As for the Russian political elite, they got worried for the first time on March 26, when Russians went on the streets with mass protests. The whole point is, Russian politicians don’t want to listen to the youth. They start feeling outdated and lagging behind all those modern tendencies, Leskov says.
When it comes to the technologies used during the election campaign, Emmanuel Macron turns out to be close to Donald Trump, even though their programs differ a lot. The thing is, the electorate doesn’t care about the candidate’s program. They can be promised virtually anything. Politics turns into a show. It’s not the content but the image that matters. This is neither good nor bat. It’s just the way it is, and we have to get used to the fact that the post-industrial era with tons of information perceived every day comes up with new ways of perceiving and digesting this info. According to Leskov, today’s generation of politicians are making their last steps and are about to retire. The mass protests in the USA after Trump’s victory show that the political elite around the world keeps on lagging behind and losing the grasp of what is up to date.


The new generation doesn’t trust the old political elite. It’s just they are living in different environments and breath different kinds of air. In the United States, which drives the hi-tech revolution, the level of trust to the government is around 25-30%. Back in 1975, it used to be over 75%. The situation is changing. And that’s why Russian politicians are getting nervous. They are outdated and are not capable of resolving today’s problems efficiently, the expert says.


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Experts on Statements Made by Russian Officials about Russian Economic Recovery

International experts have commented on the recent statements made by several Russian officials about some economic recovery in Russia. They say that the weak economic growth isn’t backed by higher standards of living in the Russian Federation.

Publication date: 23 April 02:05 AM

USA Today Names the Reasons Why the USA Is Concerned about the Situation in Ukraine

USA Today has named the reasons why the United states should be concerned about the armed conflict in the East of Ukraine.


Previously, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson asked his European colleagues why American taxpayers should be concerned about the situation in Ukraine. The answer came from his French colleague, who said that the United States should be interested in a strong Europe. On top of that, there are some other reasons why the USA shouldn’t stop thinking about Ukraine.

Publication date: 21 April 12:00 PM

Trump's Plan on Syria: Russia to Stay in Syria, Asad Has to Leave

At this point, several media sources, including Associated Press, report they know the details of the offer brought by Rex Tillerson to Moscow during his official visit. Now, everyone seems to be wondering what exactly Rex Tillerson and Sergey Lavrov discussed during their meeting in Moscow.


First of all, the sources claim that the USA is ready to unite forces with Russia to destroy the ISIS once and for all. Secondly, Bashar Asad has to quit anyway. He will be even allowed to go to Russia or Iran to avoid prosecution. Thirdly, a temporary government need to be established in Syria to back stabilization and holding a democratic election in Syria. Russia can stay in Syria to back security but they shouldn’t interfere with the local politics.
Publication date: 18 April 11:34 PM

Today's Russia-US Relations Are Worse Than During Obama’s Administration

At this point, the bilateral relations between Moscow and Washington are even worse than they used to be during Obama’s administration. This is what President Putin thinks on the matter.


Even though the Russian president thinks so, he hasn’t commented on the details of this degradation in the bilateral relations between the 2 superpowers. He assumes that the level of trust between the United States and the Russian Federation has dropped, especially on the military level.
Publication date: 18 April 11:05 PM

Will North Korea Become Another Syria for the USA?

The latest events in Syria made many international observers change their mind regarding President Trump. The current conditions also show that getting rid of North-Korean leader Kim Jong Un may also become a major goal for President Trump.


The news that U.S. aircraft carrier Carl Vinson suddenly reversed and moved to the Western part of the Pacific Ocean in the direction of the Korean Peninsula attracted the interest of the international community. Given the 59 missiles launched to hit a Syrian airbase a couple of weeks ago, this maneuver of the aircraft carrier does raise a lot of concerns.
Publication date: 18 April 03:29 AM

OPEC's Average Oil Price Raises to $53,67

The average price of a barrel of the crude oil produced by the OPEC is reported to have gone all the way up to $53,67. This is confirmed by the cartel’s official website. This happened yesterday. At this point, the price has retraced a bit and is currently trading around $53,36/b, Market Leader reports.

Publication date: 13 April 07:54 AM

Brexit Will Split UK. Scotland’s Getting Ready for Another Referendum

The Scottish government is reported to have initiated another referendum dedicated to quitting the United Kingdom.


The whole point is, Scotland wants to stay a part of the European Union. Given the fact that being also a part of the United Kingdom, Scotland will also have to quit the EU together with other UK fellow members.
Publication date: 13 April 01:23 AM

Tillerson Brings Russia an Ultimatum on Syria

Rex Tillerson offered Vladimir Putin to betray Bashar Asad. The US Secretary of State came to Moscow with an ultimatum, experts report. At the same time, we are now witnessing an unprecedented situation. The thing is, this is the first time, a high-ranking politician representing a superpower comes to Moscow without knowing whether he is going to meet with the Russian President.

Publication date: 12 April 03:44 AM

USA Won't Make a Deal with Russia at the Expense of Ukraine, Tillerson Says

According to several Western media sources, United States Secretary of States Rex Tillerson had a phone talk with Ukrainian President Poroshenko yesterday, right in advance of his visit to Moscow.

Publication date: 11 April 09:46 PM

German Government Hopes That Moscow Reconsider His Attitude To Bashar Asad

The German government still hopes that the recent events happening in Syria will help Russia make the right decision. In particular, Berlin hopes that Moscow will stop supporting Bashar Asad in the Syrian conflict.  
Apparently, no one in Germany or the entire EU is surprised with the Kremlin’s hostile reaction to America’s missile assault on a Syrian airbase belonging to Asad’s troops. Moreover, it would be a surprise to see Moscow show another reaction to the USA’s decision to shell the airbase in Syria in response to the fact that Bashar Asad used chemical weapons, which led to massive deaths of civilians including children.
Publication date: 11 April 10:35 AM