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Monday, 22 July 01:44 (GMT -05:00)

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Trump Shows America’s Power in Syria. What's Next?

American President Donald Trump decided to punish the Syrian regime for using chemical weapons by launching 59 missiles to hit a Syrian airbase. This way the American president showed America’s military dominance in the world, experts say.




However, now a natural question arises, what’s coming next? In particular, everyone now seems to be thinking about the ways Russia may respond to this thing.


According to Phil Gordon, who was a member of Obama’s administration, the main question is still unanswered while this is still a serious problem. This should have happened at some point. Back in 2013, Barack Obama promised to hit Bashar Asad’s troops but Donald Trump implemented those threats the other day. The difference between 2013and 2017 is that today the likelihood of escalating the likelihood into a major war is even higher than 4 years ago. 


One of the high-ranking American politicians taking part in discussing the matter told that in 2013, the USA was offered to assault Bashar Asad to deprive him of the opportunity to use chemical weapons. At the same time, bombing those inventories with chemical assets was dangerous for the civilians. As a result, the American military prepared a list of targets including the Syrian divisions equipped with chemical weapons and ready to use it.
At the same time, Donald Trump has to take into account the presence of Russian troops in Syria, with all of their anti-missile systems deployed in the region to back Asad’s troops. At this point, the Russian and Syrian troops are closely cooperating, which is why attacking any Syrian base may kill Russian military, with a possible threat of escalating the conflict into a major war involving the 2 superpowers.
That’s why experts assume that such attacks would have been more efficient, should they have been made bin in 2013. These days, everything is much more complicated. That is why, now the USA has to ask themselves how seriously they are concerned about the situation in Syria. Apart from the possibility of killing Russian soldiers in Syria, the USA and the rest of the NATO may get their jets attacked by Russia’s anti-missile systems deployed in Syria. Before the attack, the jets used to pass the region without being attacked but now the situation may change. If there is such an attack, some NATO members may get scared and quit the military operation in Syria.


The bottom line, Donald Trump’s war on terrorism may get complicated because of the incident. Experts say that Donald Trump could ensure Putin that the recent attack was solely aimed at punishing Asad for using chemical weapons and is not designed to change the current balance of powers in the Syrian conflict. Anyway, the sides need some kind of compromise to deescalate the situation, experts believe.


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