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Wednesday, 19 June 20:55 (GMT -05:00)

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Mexico & US Cotton Trade Post-NAFTA - Dukascopy TV

2017 is a good year for Cotton farmers.


Louis Rose, President of Risk Analytics



Video made by Dukascopy specialists


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8 Factors Pressing Oil Prices

As you probably know, oil prices have been going down for more than 18 months. The international expert community keeps on pondering on the reasons why this is happening. Back in early 2014, crude oil cost $110 per barrel. Today, the prices is moving up and down close to $30 per barrel. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the key reasons why crude oil is still losing its value.

Publication date: 28 February 02:26 PM

Shareholder IC: Anyone Can Capitalize On Industrial Investments

Investment has always been in the vanguard of any economy at all times. Today is no exception. On the contrary, investment is getting more and more popular worldwide these days with both firms and plain folks. The thing is that today you can find a whole bunch of really promising investment opportunities generating substantial yields, which by far outpace those generated by bank deposits seen as conventional investments by most people out there.

Publication date: 25 February 06:08 AM

Philips Enters OLED TV Market

Philips representatives have revealed the company’s plans for the near future, including the intention to enter the OLED market. For those of you who don’t know, the Hi-Tech News Department of Market Leader reports that for now LG and Panasonic are the key players promoting OLED TV. It is interesting to note that Panasonic makes use of LG’s technology and complements it with its own electronics to expand the functionality.
Publication date: 23 February 02:49 AM

ZTE Officially Introduces Blade V7 and V7 Lite

During the latest mobile expo named MWC 2016, Chinese mobile vendor ZTE introduced a couple of new mobile devices, including 2 smartphones of the Blade series - Blade V7 and V7 Lite.
Publication date: 23 February 02:34 AM

Morgan Stanley Predicts Oil Prices No Higher Than $30/b Until 2017

Morgan Stanley experts assume that despite the overall expectations of higher oil prices this year – the average price is expected to be somewhere in the range between 40 and 60 dollars per barrel – the price of crude oil is not actually going to advance much higher than $30/b. Moreover, the prices may even fall deeper down to new major lows.

Publication date: 13 February 04:05 AM

WTI Oil Drops Below $27.50/b

Yesterday, the oil downtrend accelerated. For instance, WTI oil broke below $27,50 per barrel. The instant and sharp decline in the market of crude oil followed a slight recovery seen earlier on the trading day. It looks somewhat strange given the fact that the recent U.S. oil inventories report seems to be favoring oil prices and backing their recovery. The thing is that the inventories shrank despite expectations of growth.

Publication date: 11 February 03:25 AM

S&P Downgrades Brent Oil Forecast

At this point, oil prices are trying to find the balance while going up and down in a pretty wide range. Even though the price is now recovering, some of the international expert community, including S&P experts, don’t believe that oil prices are going to start a major bull run in the near future.

Publication date: 10 February 01:48 AM

Oil Prices Force Saudi Arabia to Take External Loans

As you probably know, oil prices are far from being as high as they used to be a couple of years ago. With that being sad, oil exporters start facing major economic and financial challenges. Even Saudi Arabia, which is one of the biggest oil exporters, now has to look for external loans.

Publication date: 09 February 09:27 AM

Analysts Expect Crude Oil to Hit the Bottom in 3 Months

As predicted by most experts, the global market of crude oil keeps on seeing another decline. With that being said, everyone is not pondering upon when the market is going to hit the bottom.

Publication date: 09 February 05:17 AM

Oil Prices Won’t Start Rallying Near-Term

This year we have already seen oil prices dropping below $30/b down to $28/b and then recovering above $30/b. Even though some experts assure us that we are not going to see another major price crop in the near future. However, others say that the price are not planning to rally to new local highs either.

Publication date: 02 February 12:10 PM