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Tuesday, 21 January 21:39 (GMT -05:00)

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How Trump Is Going To Surprise The World

Over the last few months, international media have been publishing intimidating articles about President Trump. Everyone now seems to be concern about how president Trump is going to act in the international arena.  Is Donald trump going to surprise the world as the 45th President of the United States?




The thing is, each time the USA elects a new president, the international community starts predicting cardinal changes in the USA’s domestic and external policies. However, each time their predictions fail. The American policy haven’t changed a lot over the last few decades. After WWII, the USA turned into a superpower. After the USSR ceased to exists in 1991, the US became the only true superpower in the world and has been the most decisive force in the international arena. As you can see, American politicians have been consistent in terms of trying to rule the entire world and dominate others.
Why is now everyone concerned about Trump and his plans?  He has been a populist and trying to win more of those loyal Americans. The American people wants changes for the better and is tired of empty promises. Since Donald Trump promised to make American great again during his election campaign, this was something the people wanted. That’s one of the reasons he won, experts say.
Do you really thing Trump is going to through away everything the USA achieved over the last 200 years of hard work? Do you thing this time is really going to be different?
Some experts don’t believe this. The USA cannot be a protectionist-oriented country even despite robotization and automatization of contemporary productions since they don’t outsource high-margin products. Palantir, Amazon, Google, and even Tesla are mainly US-based productions. As for Apple, China only assembles Apple devices, and nothing more.  As for US energy giants ExxonMobil and Shevron, they went international a long time ago. Most American giants are going or have already gone international as well.   
It’s hard to believe that Donald Trump, a successful businessman and a billionaire, will ruin everything and go away from the international markets just for the sake of creating some of those new jobs he once promised. This leads us to believe that his critics expecting serious changes are going to be surprised and then disappointed.
Chances are, President Trump will take several image-making actions in order to avoid losing face. For example, the USA will start building the wall on the US-Mexican border. Trump may also exert some pressure on some industrial companies (like motor companies) to move their assembly lines back to the USA. Still, those are relatively irrelevant things.
The thing is, assembly is not something makes the USA the world’s leader in technology. This is all about creating and developing products, as well as marketing them. America is still number-one technological nation in the world. The US is also some kind of a lender of last resort in the military, political, and economic sense. The US Dollar is still the most important currency. The Federal Reserve is still the key central bank affecting the entire financial and banking system of the world.


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