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Friday, 28 February 10:18 (GMT -05:00)

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US-Russia Cooperation is Impossible due to Putin and Trump's Ambitions

Some experts say that the cooperation and friendship between Moscow and Washington is impossible because both President Putin and President Trump are too ambitious and those ambitions prevent them from establishing a long-term dialog.




They say that today we can witness a unique situation in our history. The thing is that the 45th President of the United States of America is ignorant in terms of both external and internal policies. He lacks the corresponding expertise. He doesn’t understand what he is going to face further down the road.
On top of that, Donald Trump is an impulsive personality. Chances are, he is going to be guided by his own opinion rather than his advisors’ opinion. That’s why, even the most experienced American observers don’t dare predict President Trump’s next move when it comes to US-Russia, US-EU, and US-China relations.
President Trump made hostile statements about China and its impact on the USA. Vladimir Putin seems to be the only leader Trump hasn’t criticized so far. However, some experts are skeptical about this friendly rhetoric. Donald Trump and his administrations are smart enough to understand that any further escalation of this friendship with Russia may undermine his status as the American president. His opponents have been doing their best to find more and more reasons for impeachment.
As for a major deal between Moscow and Washington, President Putin has already revealed his conditions for the deal to be a success. By the way, these are the very conditions that once spoilt the US-Russia relations during Obama’s administration. Putin wants more than just a deal concerning the spheres of interests and influence.
He wants Russia to have a personal vision of multiple standards related to sovereignty and international relations, as well as some other important fields. Should the West had agreed to that, we would have seen a much bigger chaos than today.
Russia also want to be globally recognized an energy superpower and to make the EU abandon the 3rd energy package to let Russia continue dominating the European energy market. Russia wants the West to stay away from Ukraine, not to mention canceling the anti-Russian sanctions. This is not the end of the list.

The thing is, what can President Putin offer President Trump in exchange for that? Not much, to say the least. Trump wants Putin to reduce his nuclear weapons in exchange for canceling the sanctions. Russia responded negatively, considering this a nonsense.

All in all, both presidents are ambitious and don’t like to lose or make concessions, which is why it’s hard to tell whether they are really going to make friends in the future, especially as both of them are trying to make their countries great again.

Между тем Трампа вовсе нельзя отнести к тем, кто идет на сдачу своих позиций. Вопрос сделки, если говорить в целом, упирается в непомерные амбиции Кремля, ведь любое отступление для Путина является потерей лица, тем более, накануне президентских выборов в России. Между тем Дональд Трамп собирается вернуть Соединенным Штатам былое величие – судя по всему, он также собирается пройтись "чугунными сапогами" по международной арене. Поэтому "большая сделка" между Путиным и Трампом вызывает очень большие сомнения, в том числе и из-за несовпадения личностей президентов России и США. 


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