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Friday, 28 February 09:53 (GMT -05:00)

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Trump Offered Russia Milder Sanctions In Exchange For Nuclear Weapon Cuts

President Trump has been the major newsmaker ever since it was elected in later 2016. After the incident with a secret service report on the hacker attacks on the Democrats’ emails allegedly initiated by Russia, Americans started protests in almost all the major cities of the USA, especially as the president’s reaction to the report was shocking to some of them. The protestors were against President Trump’s national security policy.




Probably that’s why Donald Trump had to reconsider and slightly change his attitude to Russia. You see, he is a smart person and doesn’t want to disturb the people even more. In particular, during one of his interviews, he criticized Russia for getting involved in the Syrian conflict. At the same time, a week ago, Donald Trump gave everyone to understand that the Kremlin can count on easier sanctions and Mr. Trump can partner with Putin if Russia cuts its nuclear weapons.
Trump Criticizes Both Russia and USA




Trump assumes that the USA can reach beneficial agreements with Russia. However, Russia needs to take a step closer to those agreements in order to show commitment.
Cutting nuclear weapons is a good option when it comes to making such an important step forward.
President Trump gave Moscow to understand that if Putin shows his commitment to tighter bilateral relations by cutting nuclear weapons, the process of improving those relations may accelerate, and this is going to be a win-win situation for everyone.
At the same time, Donald Trump underlines that as the U.S. President, he is determined to trust his German and Russian colleagues – Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel. However, this trust can only last long if they make a step closer as well.
As for Russia’s participation in the Syrian war, Donald trump criticized this move, blaming Russia for creating a humanitarian disaster in the region, which is really bad.  As for the so-called Brexit, President Trump doesn’t think this was a bad move. On top of that, he is planning to meet with Theresa May and make her a fair deal. At the same time, President Trump assumes that after the United Kingdom finally quits the EU, some other EU nations may follow.
As for the USA, he also criticized the previous administrations for making a lot of big political mistakes. In particular, he assumes that the U.S. war in Iraq is the USA’s biggest mistake ever.




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New Prime Minister Names Brexit Date

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Beijing and Washington are getting ready for the final talks

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US-China Trade War Reaches Next Level

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