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Saturday, 30 May 15:59 (GMT -05:00)

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President-Elect Trump Sets Future Priorities

As you probably know, Donald Trump has won the U.S. presidential election 2016 and is now going to be the 45th President of the United States. Even though he is going to take office in January 2017, he already started setting future priorities as the next U.S. President.





Mr. Trump is said to be going to focus on the internal challenges rather than external ones, even though foreign affairs are going to stay a major part of the U.S. policies. The thing is that today’s Americans are more concerned about the situation in the USA rather than what’s going on overseas. Since Mr. Trump has promised to make America great again, he is expected to address the problem that people see as the most urgent ones. Those challenges have been there since the latest global financial crisis seen in 2008-2009.


To be more specific, President-Elect Trump names the 3 major points of focus, which are employment, healthcare, and immigration. Previously, Mr. Trump underlined a number of times that one his key priorities would be to make sure that the unemployed would be able to get a job to sustain their families. He assumes that each and every American should have an opportunity to work hard and be paid handsomely for that hard work.


However, this concerns American citizens, not immigrants, who have been coming legally and illegally to the USA over the last couple of decades. When it comes to immigration, they expect Mr. Trump to be tough. While president Obama used to promise legal jobs to illegal immigrants given the absence of a criminal past, President Trump may well start deporting them back to their home countries. As we have mentioned, Donald Trump is going to take office in January 2017, so Barack Obama is still the U.S. President.  


When it comes to the USA’s foreign policy, the things are unlikely to improve for Ukraine since Mr. Trumps seems to be loyal to Russia and Putin and is not going to wage any kind of war on Russia, including a trade and economic one. Mr. Trump is likely to be indifferent to what is actually going on in Ukraine, thousands of miles away from the USA. That’s why the new U.S. President is expected to be guided by the economic interests of the USA.


Still, we should keep in mind that the U.S. President is not a king like in Saudi Arabia, for example, there are other bodies like the Congress and the Senate as its part.



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