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Thursday, 20 February 06:28 (GMT -05:00)

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Nassim Taleb: Being Successful is Being Unpredictable

The world is full of unpredictable events happening from time to time. Nobody expected the disintegration of the USSR or the 9/11 terrorist attacks. World War I broke out in an instance and came as a shock to the humanity, doing unprecedented damage to the entire world.
There are things that happen around us by accident, and not all of those unexpected events lead to negative consequences. There are ways to make them back your success. This is what Nassim Taleb thinks. He is a famous American economist and philosopher.  
On October 12, 2016, he will conduct a seminar in Moscow. Alpari, a major Forex broker is going to act as a strategy partner backing Mr. Taleb’s seminars. The seminar in Moscow is obviously going to be dedicated to financial markets.  The major topic resembles the title of Nassim Taleb’s bestseller called “The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable”.






Random Events Open New Opportunities


There are investors who think that all market events can be predicted and foreseen in advance. That’s not the case. According to Mr. Taleb’s theory, successful traders and investors are those who see the markets as a chaos and are busy looking for excellent opportunities in random events. On the contrary, all of those experts and analysts fail. While the latter gain a couple of percent per year at best, the former invests thousands of dollars in order to enjoy million-dollar profits later. 
The thing is that we often look back in order to try to predict the future, Nassim Taleb assumes. The reality is different and conforms to other laws, where randomness plays one of the key roles.  Just think about it:
Who might have thought that the invention of the Internet would completely change the humanity, their habits and lifestyles? Who might have predicted that the creation of Facebook would make people spend their lives in social networks? The point is, innovative solutions allow savvy investors to multiply their investments 10-fold or even 100-fold and more given that they make timely investments. The key thing is to learn to tell nuggets from rubbish and invest them at the right time.  
To be more specific, Nassim Taleb recommends getting rid of several big delusions, such as:
- Full certainty that past events are definitely going to affect the future. 
- Using the game theory in real life.
- Trusting exciting stories rather than pure stats.
According to Mr. Taleb, any important event capable of changing your life has 3 distinctive features:
1. It comes a surprise to experts.
2. it leads to major changes.
3. Experts and analysts start rationalizing and explaining the event only afterwards. When the event is underway, almost nobody can figure out what’s really going on.
Do you want to learn more about Nassim Taleb’s theory and how to put it into practice? 
You can do so by attending his forthcoming seminar, which is to take place in Moscow, in the Big Conference Hall of Moscow Government, which is located at 36, Novyi Arbat, Moscow. The event is going to take place at 10 a.m. local time.
Alpari representatives say that they are interested in supporting and financially educating their clients, which is why they arrange this exciting event. On the other hand, Mr. Taleb and his partners have chosen Alpari, which is not accidental as well. This is one of the leading brokers in the industry and has a well-established educational center, which is Alpari Investment Academy.  
By the way, at Alpari, you can get a 10% discount when buying tickets for the event. In order to get the discount, it is necessary to follow the link and enter the “alpari” promo code. If you really want to attend the event, please don’t hesitate and do it now since the amount of tickets is limited!
Who is Nassim Taleb?



Nassim Taleb managed to succeed in trading and built a brilliant career on Wall Street. He got famous after he used his theory to make a range of major predictions and use them to benefit from the most critical moments in the recent history of global finances. For instance, during the banking crisis of 1987, he managed to multiply his capital. He did the same during the 2008 global crisis. He was one of the few guys who were the first to figure out what was going on at that moment and capitalize on this. That why he can really teach you the same! He is a genuine expert worth listening!


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