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Thursday, 20 February 05:20 (GMT -05:00)

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Russian Central Bank Loads Up On Gold Heavily

Russia’s central bank is reported to have been buying gold at an unprecedented rate. To be more specific, the IMF reports that the central bank purchased 11 tons of gold last month. Given the fact that the People’s Bank of China is still number one in terms of buying gold, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation comes second after its Chinese counterpart. Still, some experts say that the gold purchase stats provided by the People’s Bank of China cannot be seen as reliable since there is no transparent way to confirm those stats. With that being said, Russia may be close to be the biggest buyer of gold to date.




As for the People's Bank of China, it used to purchase U.S. bonds rather heavily. These days, Chinese central bankers are trying to reduce their exposure to the U.S. debt market by getting rid of as much of those U.S. bonds as they can. By the way, Kazakhstan is another heavy buyer of gold. Over the same reporting period, the local central bank purchased 2.6 tons of gold.
It is also interesting to note that Turkey seems to be one of the biggest sellers of gold to date. Last month, they sold 7 tons out of 37,3 tons of gold they had. At the same time, Canada is reported to have sold all most the entire reserve of gold despite being of the biggest gold producers. With that being said, almost 100% of the produced gold eventually comes to the global market. For some of you it may sound shocking but the Central Bank of Canada has only 100 ounces of gold left.
Anyway, experts say that Russia cannot still influence the international market of gold by heavily purchasing the precious metals. At the same time, there is no information on where exactly the purchased gold came from. Most likely, the Russian central bank keeps on purchasing the gold produced by local gold miners. This is he most likely scenario since it makes it possible to kill 2 birds with one stone. 


First off, the central bank makes its gold reserve bigger, which is good for the bank, the economy and the national currency. Secondly, the Russian gold mining industry gets a reliable outlet amid today's sanctions and Russia's image of an economic and political outcast. It is interesting to note that last year, the consortium of Russian gold miners addressed the central bank and asked it to purchase the entire annual volume of the gold they had mined or roughly 290 tons of gold. As a result, the Russian central bank purchased 240 tons of the gold. Some experts say that this step was designed to smoothen the interest rate hikes seen at that time. By the way, in 2014, the bank also purchased 170 tons of gold while the rest was bought by several E.U. financial institutions.


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Fed Cuts Key Interest Rate For The First Time In 10 Years

The U.S. Federal Reserve is reported to have cut the key interest rate, which is something really outstanding since the Fed has done it for the first time since 2009.

Publication date: 11 August 03:05 AM

New Prime Minister Names Brexit Date

It seem that the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is really determined about everything related to the Brexit. The process is expected to start in later 2019. Boris Johnson's standpoint on the matter didn't come as a surprise to the international expert community, Market Leader reports. The thing is, he has been well-known for being an advocate ad big supporter of quitting the European Union in general, and doing so without a major agreement in particular, which is also known as the hard Brexit scenario. 

Publication date: 07 August 06:54 AM

Johnson Launches Hard Brexit Ad Campaign

Boris Johnson, who has recently been appointed new UK Prime Minister, is on his way to launch an ad campaign to promote the idea of quitting the EU the hard way, which is also known as the hard Brexit. For those of you who don't know, the hard Brexit scenario implies quitting the European Union without signing a major agreement.

Publication date: 31 July 11:43 AM

U.S-China Trade War Is Sponsored By Consumers

According to the IMF, consumers and producers are the biggest losers in the trade war between the United States and China. Despite growing duties, American companies are not in a hurry to move their production back to the USA.

Publication date: 12 July 01:19 AM

US-China Trade Conflict May Trigger Another Global Financial Crisis

Beijing and Washington are one step away from escalating their trade conflict. The confrontation may harm the entire global economy. Some experts belive that the trade war may also trigger another global financial crisis. At this point, the parties seem to have come to a standstill, which is why the chances of the conflict escalating into a move severe trade war are still growing.

Publication date: 18 June 10:18 AM

WTO Lowers Global Trade Growth Forecast

 WTO experts are reported to have revised their forecast for the pace of global trade growth. The renewed forecast names figures below the previous ones - 2,6% against 3,7%. It's also interesting to note that the previous forecast for 2018 failed to match the actual figures.

Publication date: 19 May 02:58 AM

How to Protect Investment Capital in 2019?

Existing political and economic risks are pushing international investors into thinking about the security of their investment capital. Chasing big profits becomes secondary to this kind of security.

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EU Comes Up With Workaround to US Sanctions

The representatives of Germany, France, and the UK have registered a company to let it trade with Iran despite the US sanctions. The company still needs to be approved by 28 EU members.

Publication date: 31 March 02:33 AM

Beijing and Washington are getting ready for the final talks

Publication date: 17 February 08:58 AM

US-China Trade War Reaches Next Level

Washington and Beijing have announced a new round of talks. International experts say that the trade war is indeed going to a whole new level.
Publication date: 08 January 10:17 AM