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American Thinker Calls the US Dollar and the USA an Extraordinary Currency and Country. Is It Right?


Sometimes it seems like the USA is too much obsessed with what the Russians thinks about it. The Americans are os obsessed with the issue that they still keep on publishing new replies to Vladimir Putin’s statements published in The New York Times.
They respondents are trying to persuade the world that the USA is an extraordinary country. Why did Putin’s words touch American journalists and politicians and how do they explain the extraordinary nature of the USA and its currency? Let’s have a closer look at the issue…




American Thinker on Russia
On September 10th, 2013, Barrack Obama addressed the American nation and told the Americans about the “exclusiveness” of the USA due to the country’s policies. Vladimir Putin disagreed with Obama and responded with an article in The New York Times.
Apparently, a sea of American editions started responding to Putin. American Thinker was one of them. The edition singled out several reasons why Russia criticizes the USA:
·      The relations between the USA and Russia (spoiled by the cold war during the USSR times) cannot be called friendly.
·      Some Soviet myths about the West are still dominating the Russian society. At the same time Russian politicians escalate Anti-US sentiment in Russia.
·      Such propaganda in economic, political and social spheres forms the image of an enemy in order to unite the nation around the government and to distract people from burning domestic problems.
·      Putin’s condemnation of the USA’s military activities in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya are aimed at restoring Russia’s international image as a superpower.
Please notice that all those defenders never admit that the criticism may result from the USA’s vivid drawbacks.
Instead of trying to consider the real reasons behind the criticism, American Thinker starts playing some childish games, reflecting the negativity and offending Russia. The edition reminds Russia about widespread corruption that hinders democratization. The “experts” also say that the heart of the Russian economy is the mining sector along with heavy and defense industries. At the same time, they say the economic growth sen in Russia doesn’t improve ordinary people’s wellbeing.  
Expert Opinion
Experts say this discussion looks ridiculous. One of the theses made by President Putin wasn’t of propagandistic nature but still raised a wave of indignation in the US mass media. The only thing Putin wanted to do is to remind Obama that any talks about a nation’s exclusiveness can be dangerous. Russia and other ex-USSR nations know it perfectly well since they paid a huge price for stopping such “exclusive” and “superior” guys during WWII. The Russian president wanted to warn the USA against making gross political mistakes.
About the US Dollar… or the price of the USA’s exclusiveness…
Businessmen and investors are uncertain about the near-term future and are afraid of major investments since they do not know what to expect from the government. People are neck deep in loans amid declining purchasing power and low income growth. This may lead to a major decline in consumer spending.

The current pace of economic growth is well below the potential. This is mainly caused by the current weakness of the commodity sector and cyclical declines in the motor industry. The Russian Ruble keeps weakening against the US Dollar. The chart below, courtesy of Masterforex-V Academy, reflects the current state of affairs in the market of USDRUB:



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