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Life of Venezuela Head Maduro Estimated as 10 Thousand Dollars Only

Chief executives of many countries are guarded very thoroughly, for there are a lot of people who seek their health or life. Absence of security may cost much, like in a situation with an attempt on the head of Sweden Olof Palme. He was killed in 1986 in Stockholm, when he and his wife have decided to go to the cinema without security.
Life of Venezuela President Estimated as 10 Thousand Dollars
Life of Venezuela president has been estimated as 10.6 thousand dollars (equivalent of 20 million peso honorary, promised to killers). Such sum was supposed to be paid to killers for the murder of Nicolas Maduro, who had become the president after the death of Hugo Chavez. As informed by the experts of “South and North America News” Department of the “Market Leader”, the presidents’ murder could destabilize situation in Venezuela . Earlier everything used to repose on the authority of Chavez, and Nicolas Maduro has managed to take up the post of the president only due to his promise to continue the course of the comandante. Any moment foes of Venezuela , which are many, may stir the community, and then, who knows if Maduro will manage to keep its position. If new forces come to power, Venezuela , this tidbit of oil, may face serious political and economic redistribution. This follows hereunder.
Price of the “order” has been informed to the media by the Minister of Interior Affairs of Venezuela Miguel Torres. He has informed that the case is being investigated by Venezuela n and Columbian law enforcement bodies, as citizens of Columbia are accused of attempt on Maduro. Two accused Columbians are under arrest in Venezuela n prison, but the paymaster is yet unknown (one Cuban counter-revolutionary is under suspicion).
Special services of Venezuela had known about the attempt in advance, so when two organizers crossed the boundary, they had already been waited for and were tracked throughout all the time before the arrest. When enough proofs were cumulated, Eric Uerta (18 years) and Victor Geche (22 years) were arrested. Ammunition, АR-15 rifles, laser aiming devices, military uniforms, and pictures of “targets” were found by them. The Columbians were supposed to kill the head of Venezuela and speaker of the parliament.
The arrested have already been accused of on several points. Even if guilt in attempt on the government officials fails to be proved in court, Columbians will be imprisoned for smuggle of firearms.
Operation of the Baby: Seizure of Venezuela
In fact, murder of Nicolas Maduro was not the end of the affair. The plan of paymasters was more dramatic – seizure of Venezuela . In this situation, although it remains unvoiced, thrust on the USA is evident. Washington has had a cold shoulder with Caracas since the reign of Hugo Chavez, and the relations remains such, for Maduro’s course has not changed. At his time Chavez has nationalized largest extracting companies. Thus, everything that brings high profit, and that used to be privately-owned, mostly by foreign businessmen, for example, extraction of oil and gold, has been nationalized, in other words, became state-owned. It is likely that if power in Venezuela is changed, then all nationalized objects will be made private again (at least if former owners do not lay claim on them). And this is very big money.
“Operation on elimination of Venezuela ’s top officials has been code-named “Operation of the Baby”. On July 24, 2013 a bullet from a sniper rifle was supposed to pass through Maduro’s body. Speaker of the parliament was also to be killed. Having liquidated the follower of Hugo Chavez, foes of Venezuela were going to hold a mass attack on military and political objects, intending to get control over them in the situation of complete uncertainty. About 800 militants from Columbia were supposed to take part in the attack,” informed Miguel Torres. According to the Minister of Internal Affairs, there is grounding to suppose that a well-known Cuban counter-revolutionary Luis Posada Carriles, who currently lives in the territory of the United States, may be the paymaster or one of them. It is another thrust on the USA, for such crime could not have been planned without the knowledge of American special forces. “Former rival of Madura at the presidential elections the governor Henrique Capriles is also being ‘kept an eye on’. He is not yet suspected in anything (officially, at least), but closely watched,” said Torres.
As previously informed by the “Market Leader”, the President of Venezuela supposes that “USA is Preparing World War”.


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Text: Aramis Den
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UK Reveals Brexit Plan

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The introduction to this document explains that the British business community doesn’t want to cancel the referendum results. On the contrary, they are going to benefit from the Brexit. Most members of the House of Commons voted for letting Theresa May initiate the Brexit scenario. Moreover, this is something most British citizens want. At this point, the question is who the UK is going quit the EU for good.
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Trump's Policies Make NATO Delay Talks with Ukraine

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Exceptional Status May Cause Problems to UK

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Not so long ago, President Trump fired Acting Attorney General Sally Yates from not defending Trump’s executive order on immigration. In particular, President Trump temporarily banned the citizens of 7 countries from visiting the United States. Those countries are Sudan, Somali, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, and Iran. He also suspended the refugee program for another 4 months. At the same time, the White House keeps on persuading the public that it’s not about religion (for those of you who don’t know, those are Muslim countries). They say it’s all about fighting international terrorism and prevent terrorists from going to the USA as refugees.
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A couple of days after Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States, he decided to quit the talks related to the creation of the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This agreement would create an environment of lower duties and better regulation of the trade relations between 12 countries, including the USA, other states from North and South Americas, South-Eastern Asia, and Japan.

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Brexit. Which Way Will London Quit EU?

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Just in case you still don’t know, we remind you that the High Court of London finally decided to reject the appeal made by the British Government regarding the High Court’s previous decision. The decision forces the Government to initiate Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty only if the British Parliament approves it. In case the Parliament doesn’t support the Brexit scenario, any further related steps initiated by the UK Government will be considered a violation.
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UK Government Must Get Parliament’s Approval to Implement Brexit, High Court Insists

The High Court of London has ordered the British Government to get the Parliament’s approval first, if they want to initiate Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to launch the process of quitting the European Union, which is also known as the Brexit.

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Beijing Placed Ballistic Missiles Close To Russia-China Border

According to Global Times, a Chinese media source, China has placed ballistic missiles close to the border with Russia. All in all, there are 3 missile units placed in several parts along the border. These are Dongfeng-41 (DF-41) missiles.

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Trump's Attempts To Calm Putin Down Will End Up With Another Munich Agreement

Several European experts say that President Trump’s attempts to pacify Vladimir Putin may well end up with another Munich Agreement. In other words, they say that in case Donald Trump assumes that it’s necessary to make concessions to Russia, this is even worth than doing nothing at all.


On top of that, they say that Donald Trump already made a stupid thing by offering Putin a deal, which is all about canceling the sanctions in exchange for Russia cutting its nuclear arms

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