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Friday, 18 September 08:02 (GMT -05:00)

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USA: for 4 Last Years 1.5 Times More People Killed than for 9 Previous Years

Shocking statistics has been published in the USA – for four last years as a result of using fire weapon one and a half people more were killed in the country than for nine previous years. Every year the number of “fire showdown” victims in the USA keeps rising, and this gives rise to heated discussions on whether free sale of weapon is good or evil. However, it is easier not to adopt anything rather than adopt, but then forbid, especially if this concerns business with billionth annual turnover. The issue has been studied by the experts of “US News” Department of the “Market Leader”.
Number of Incidents with Use of Fire Weapon in the USA Rises Exponentially
The issue of fire weapon in the USA was raised in the course of the meeting of International Association of Chiefs of Police in Philadelphia on October 21. The Head of US Department of Justice Eric Holder made it clear that if sale of fire weapon cannot be banned, training of law enforcement officers should be changed.
As stated by the minister, for the short period of time the number of incidents with use of fire weapon in the USA has increased three times; in this reference during the period of 2009-2012 one and a half times more people died because of firearm wounds than during the period of 2000-2008. “If at the beginning of last decade about five incidents with active use of fire weapon were registered every year (this concerns mass murders), today their number has increased three times. For example, for the incomplete year of 2013 twelve incidents with active use of fire weapon have been registered in the USA; more and more people die in these incidents,” highlighted the minister.
Statistics shows that during the period of 2000-2008 145 people were killed and 324 people were wounded in incidents with use of fire weapon, whereas during the period of 2009-2012 207 people were killed and 404 people were wounded.
Police are to Pass New Instructions and Training
Minister has stated the necessity to change training of policemen, for criminals are ready to use fire weapon more and more frequently. “Earlier, policemen arriving to a “firearm” incident were supposed to restrain a criminal until the arrival of special forces (of course, if a criminal did not start shooting and people’s lives were at risk). At this point it would be better if the police took more severe and active actions towards people ready to use or using weapon without waiting for the arrival of special forces,” said Eric Holder.
“Today “ordinary” policemen are not ready to withstand armed and well prepared criminals, for a “clerk” with a gun and a bandit, to whom a gun is no stranger and who is not afraid to shoot a person, are two absolutely different things. It is particularly dangerous when an armed criminal is faced with in a confined space. Sometimes waiting for the special forces to arrive is an impermissible waste of time, as many people may be killed or wounded until they arrive. Therefore, policemen are to pass additional training and get new instructions about acting in similar situations,” admitted US Minister of Justice.
Killing Continues
It is indicative that on the day when the issue of fire weapon was being discussed in Philadelphia, there happened another incident in the USA. In Nevada state a student has come to a class with a weapon, killed a teacher, seriously wounded two other students, and then killed himself.
Barack Obama failed to overcome the repulsion of deputies and arms lobby and adopt the law on serious restrictions on free sale of weapon. Thus, a representative of legislative authority in Texas state has threatened the president with impeachment if only Obama dares to limit the constitutional right of Americans to purchase and own fire weapon.
Today in the USA almost any adult citizen may freely buy a fire weapon, even a semi-automatic rifle (many mass murders have been done with the use of this type of weapon). Weapon is forbidden to be sold to emotionally disturbed people, but reality shows that such people (as well as teenagers) have free access to weapon. For example, in Aurora city a man regularly attending a psychiatrist has killed over ten people in the cinema. A real armory has been found in his apartment, a part of which he has purchased by the Internet.

As previously informed by the “Market Leader”, the Senate has blocked a ban on sale of automatic military weapon.




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Text: Aramis Den
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UK Reveals Brexit Plan

The British government has revealed the plan of quitting the European Union, which is also known as the Brexit. Prime Minister Theresa May promised to publish the final version of the Brexit scenario a couple of weeks ago.


The introduction to this document explains that the British business community doesn’t want to cancel the referendum results. On the contrary, they are going to benefit from the Brexit. Most members of the House of Commons voted for letting Theresa May initiate the Brexit scenario. Moreover, this is something most British citizens want. At this point, the question is who the UK is going quit the EU for good.
Publication date: 13 February 11:22 PM

Trump's Policies Make NATO Delay Talks with Ukraine

All of you know that the USA has been playing a major role in the NATO. However, after Donald Trump become the U.S. President, the NATO leaders found themselves in an awkward situation. On the one hand, the NATO shows its commitment to help Ukraine resist Russia’s aggression. On the other hand, Donald Trump doesn’t mind making friends with Vladimir Putin. This seems to be the key reason why the NATO decided to suspend the talks with Ukraine in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises amid uncertainty.

Publication date: 13 February 10:27 AM

Exceptional Status May Cause Problems to UK

As you probably know, British Prime Minister Theresa May visited the United States and met with President Trump. Previously Prime Minister May promised the British people that she wouldn’t be afraid to criticize Donald Trump. If she thinks that something is unacceptable, she won’t be afraid to tell it to him, she said.

Publication date: 13 February 10:09 AM

Is Trump Fighting Dissent Or Democracy?

Donald Trump showed that he is not going to tolerate dissent in the While House. However, some experts now say that the President may well be trying to fight democracy.


Not so long ago, President Trump fired Acting Attorney General Sally Yates from not defending Trump’s executive order on immigration. In particular, President Trump temporarily banned the citizens of 7 countries from visiting the United States. Those countries are Sudan, Somali, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, and Iran. He also suspended the refugee program for another 4 months. At the same time, the White House keeps on persuading the public that it’s not about religion (for those of you who don’t know, those are Muslim countries). They say it’s all about fighting international terrorism and prevent terrorists from going to the USA as refugees.
Publication date: 10 February 07:31 AM

Is the Decree to Ease Anti-Russia Sanctions Ready for President Trump to Sign?

They say, Trump’s administration has already prepared the decree to ease the sanctions against Russia, and the decree is now waiting for president Rump to sing it. There has been a lot of tweets about it so far.

Publication date: 10 February 04:58 AM

China Will Only Benefit, If US Quits Trans-Pacific Partnership

A couple of days after Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States, he decided to quit the talks related to the creation of the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This agreement would create an environment of lower duties and better regulation of the trade relations between 12 countries, including the USA, other states from North and South Americas, South-Eastern Asia, and Japan.

Publication date: 10 February 04:46 AM

Brexit. Which Way Will London Quit EU?

At this point, London is at the crossroads and choosing the way to quit the European Union. What are those possible ways the UK government is currently choosing from?


Just in case you still don’t know, we remind you that the High Court of London finally decided to reject the appeal made by the British Government regarding the High Court’s previous decision. The decision forces the Government to initiate Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty only if the British Parliament approves it. In case the Parliament doesn’t support the Brexit scenario, any further related steps initiated by the UK Government will be considered a violation.
Publication date: 07 February 02:56 AM

UK Government Must Get Parliament’s Approval to Implement Brexit, High Court Insists

The High Court of London has ordered the British Government to get the Parliament’s approval first, if they want to initiate Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to launch the process of quitting the European Union, which is also known as the Brexit.

Publication date: 06 February 12:14 AM

Beijing Placed Ballistic Missiles Close To Russia-China Border

According to Global Times, a Chinese media source, China has placed ballistic missiles close to the border with Russia. All in all, there are 3 missile units placed in several parts along the border. These are Dongfeng-41 (DF-41) missiles.

Publication date: 05 February 11:23 PM

Trump's Attempts To Calm Putin Down Will End Up With Another Munich Agreement

Several European experts say that President Trump’s attempts to pacify Vladimir Putin may well end up with another Munich Agreement. In other words, they say that in case Donald Trump assumes that it’s necessary to make concessions to Russia, this is even worth than doing nothing at all.


On top of that, they say that Donald Trump already made a stupid thing by offering Putin a deal, which is all about canceling the sanctions in exchange for Russia cutting its nuclear arms

Publication date: 05 February 10:43 PM