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Wednesday, 27 May 01:28 (GMT -05:00)

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Forex Trend: Do Investors Need New PAMM Accounts?


In conditions of unstable world economy many investors seek for new ways of profitable investments at minimal risks. Such variant is frequently found by trial-and-error method, for which you pay with a loss of time and considerable amount of finance. This happens provided that you have the “feeling” of an investor and understanding of rather intricate market.

At the same time, you do not have to “go far for mushrooms”. Most appetizing delicacies are at hand. As soon as you wish, your basket may be filled with best “mushrooms”. All this concerns most effective means of investment – investing one’s means into products of Forex Trend company. Many know firsthand how profitable it is to deal with the company’s managing traders, whose PAMM accounts constantly attract large capitals of international investors and help them grow.

For example, Veronika Tarasova, Pavel Svantsev, Andrei Kolos and many others are famous not only in CIS, but also abroad. In total they manage over about 50 million dollars of investors’ means, which grow regularly. Owing to the traders’ talents, investment risks are minimal, and, owing to unique approach of Forex Trend, responsibility is shared between investors and managers, thus making the latter have personal interest in profitable transactions.

New PAMM Accounts from Forex Trend – Timely, Reliable, Profitable

“We would not have reached such phenomenal results for investors if we stopped on the achieved and rested on oars,” says the General Manager of Forex Trend Andrei Polishevich in his interview to the “Market Leader”, “there would be no PAMM indexes that are constantly improving, “Investment Consultant”, “Million for Skillful” contest, etc. However, Forex Trend has initially positioned itself as a company that acts for the wellbeing of all market participants, namely, traders and investors. Therefore, we go beyond mere development and start of innovative products; we constantly improve them on the basis of our clients’ recommendations.

Speaking about profitable investment, at this point, according to many investors of our company, Forex Trend PAMM accounts, being managed over by professional TOP traders, bring high profit at minimal risk. What is more, there is no necessity to delve into the issue on one’s own, except for withdrawing income.”

“As I have already said, we do not stand still and regularly implement new products, including best PAMM accounts. For example,” explains Andrei Polishevich, “there have rather recently appeared new PAMM accounts managed by experienced, interesting in all senses, and, most important, perspective and reliable traders. In this reference, one of most attractive ones is PAMM account managed by DEY (521649). By this time it has accumulated 293 097.79 of investors’ means, and that is not the limit.
Advantages of New PAMM Accounts


“Advantages of new PAMM accounts in comparison to “old-timers” lie in their possibility to accumulate large money means within short time,”explains Andrei Polishevich, “this does not yet mean that accounts of Pavel Svantsev or Veronika Tarasova have become worse. Certainly, not. The matter is that managers that have earned millions by management have started trading more cautiously. By the way, their views are slightly but stably shared by many investors that prefer minimal risks. Therefore, 5-6 percent of monthly earning capacity is not much, but guaranteed.

I would compare this situation to actions of international companies that have reached optimal capacity long ago. For example, global brand General Motors, being one of the largest automobile companies worldwide, has stable results at stock exchange, where its shares are almost always “highly prized”. However, the company is unlikely to make a rapid breakthrough upwards, for it prefers current stability to any, even most miserable, risk.

Two years ago not least famous company Apple had a small market capitalization. The shares of iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, Mac laptops and desk computers used to cost only 30 dollars. As soon as revolutionary products that have conquered the whole world were released, securities of Steve Jobs’s offspring have risen to 600 dollars, whereas the company itself is valued at over 100 billion dollars.”

“Similar situation is happening at forex market,” supposes Forex Trend representative, “in particular, development of trust management brings in not only new technologies, but also new talented managers, who can and love using the achievements of progress with maximal effectiveness. Our company, in its turn, provides every participant of PAMM system with most profitable and comfortable conditions that enable minimizing risks and rising earning capacity. All this favours the fact that in a matter of months young managers that open PAMM accounts in our company increase their capital in tens, thus earning high sums for investors and for themselves.

Besides, reliability of such PAMM accounts is proved by starting and current capital of managers. Thus, DEY has initially invested 500 dollars of personal means, having then increased his deposit in more than 15 times within four months. At this point the manager’s current capital amounts to 79 342.86 dollars. Taking into consideration the fact that his capital, as well as investors’ means, is involved in trade, it is constantly changing – for the better, more profitable side. For investors this means that a trader effects stable trade, showing high earning capacity and having additional motivation to positive results in the form of his own means that are invested into trade.

Investors’ trust to DEY is also proved by the size of their investment: at this point the trader manages over 293 097.79 dollars of investors’ means. In this reference, expected annual earning capacity amounts to 784.94 percent! Unique character of this account lies in the fact that since its opening there has never been a negative monthly result. Moreover, DEY has shown negative weekly result on only one occasion, more than one month ago. Other weekly results have been exclusively positive.”


“One more perspective manager of Forex Trend Hozyin should not go unmentioned,” highlights Andrei Polishevich, “he has invested 30 000 dollars of own means into his PAMM account, having increased his deposit to 50 641 dollars and managing over 317 953 dollars of investors’ means. In this reference, the trader’s expected earning capacity amounts to 2 315.34 percent. For three months of work on his PAMM account Hozyin has not shown any negative result. Moreover, the trader has shown 213,24 percent of earning capacity during the first month of trade!”


“As far as we can see,” admits Andrei Polishevich, “maximal profit from these PAMM accounts has been received by those investors who were the first to invest in beginners. And if old-timers have already reached the point of maximal earning capacity, for example, 5-6 percent for Svantsev, then managers DEY and Hozyin keep rising their earning capacity, sometimes bringing their investors up to 180 percent of profit per week! The fact that both managers have come for a long time and with a serious purpose is proved by the size of their own capitals and conditions that they have set for investors.”

“Consequently, today managers of Hozyi and DEY PAMM accounts have already entered the list of TOP traders in the sphere of trust management, having thus enlarged the narrow circle of highly professional and stable managers. Owing to certainty, rational thinking, effective trading strategies in combination with wise systems, risk and money management both managers have gained the reputation of one of the most reliable managers at forex market. This means that by investing Hozyi and DEY PAMM accounts investors are provided with most favourable conditions for gaining high passive income and comfortable conditions for working with unique progressive technologies of Forex Trend company,” summed up Andrei Polishevich


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