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Wednesday, 19 June 20:53 (GMT -05:00)

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Masterforex-V Names Biggest Stock Exchanges

Stock exchanges have been operating worldwide for many decades. They are specific financial institutions  or marketplaces that operate to let people and companies invet in various stocks and other securities. Those are the stocks issued by various companies representing various industries - from mining to services. These days, you can invest in stocks, indexes, bonds, options, and other securities.
Publication date: 17 May 11:57 AM

New iPhone SE By Apple Fails To Come Up To Expectations

Earlier this week, Apple introduced a new mobile device – iPhone SE. It seems like the corporation decided to go back to the roots since the new smartphone by Apple has a 4-inch screen. According to the Hi-Tech Department of Market Leader, the audience wasn’t impressed with iPhone SE. Some experts say that this device is going to fail completely in terms of international sales despite being a relatively low-coast device.

Publication date: 25 March 05:11 AM

Saudi Arabia Tries to Get off the Oil Needle

Saudi Arabia will no longer use petroleum as the main source of profit and resource of energy supply. Insted, the kingdom’s government is going to focus on renewable sources of energy.
Publication date: 21 March 02:19 AM

Iran Gonna Boost Oil Export Up To 2 Million Barrels A Day

According to Iranian Minister of Economy, Iran is going to boost its oil export all the way up to 2 million barrels a day. This is confirmed by the SANA. In particular, the Iranian authorities are already working on this ambitious plan designed to get back the status of a major player in the international market of crude oil.
Publication date: 18 March 12:20 PM

Crude Oil Prices Rally, Experts Say That's Temporary Recovery

As the international expert community is actively discussing the possibility of all major oil exporters reaching a compromise and freezing their oil production, oil prices are still moving higher. At the same time, experts say that the future tendency in the global market of crude oil is going to be driven by Saudi Arabia and the global economy.
Publication date: 12 March 09:56 AM

Oil Prices Have Found the Bottom, Traders Say

This week, commodities have been giving us signs indicting that the markets must have reached the bottom and are now trying to recover. At least, there are several financial experts that think so. On March 2nd, when the EIA reported the biggest crude oil inventories growth in the USA seen since the Great Depression, one might expect on oil prices crash within days if not hours.
Publication date: 10 March 07:16 AM

Oil Prices Will Start Stabilizing In 2017, IEA Says

According to the recent oil report published by the International Energy Agency, the balance between oil supply and demand is going to start recovering only in 2017. It is interesting to note that this process is definitely going to bring oil prices higher from those ultra-low levels we can currently see.

Publication date: 10 March 01:13 AM

Brent Oil Rallies above $39/b

The trading day was a good one for the oil bulls. The thing is that Brent oil managed to get it price break above $39 per barrel on ICE exchange in London. More specifically, the Brent futures for May delivery saw their price increase all the way up to $39,5 per barrel. Later on, the price retraced a bit down to $39,4 per barrel. This was a good rally given the fact that the trading day opened at 38,9 per barrel and rallied in a mater of hours.

Publication date: 07 March 10:28 AM

Saudi Arabia Isn’t Going to Save the World from Oil Oversupply

The Saudi Minister of Oil claims that Saudi Arabia is currently not going to start cutting its oil production in order to curb the overproduction. Still, the Saudis are ready to support the idea of freezing the existing production volume in case other oil exporters do the same.

Publication date: 03 March 02:09 PM

OPEC Says Shale Oil Shows Unprecedented Pricing Flexibility

The U.S. shale oil revolution has already proved to the world’s major oil producers that it is worth counting with. This obvious fact was recently recognized by OPEC Secretary General Abdalla Salem El-Badri. He says that American companies engaged in producing shale oil are capable to boost their production under any circumstances. With that being said, if that’s the case, they are going to be able to cover any oil export deficit should it occur as the result of shrinking oil production by other exporters out there. This means that the USA may become the nation preventing oil prices from recovering even if OPEC and other exporters start reducing their production to reduce the oversupply and make the prices recover.

Publication date: 03 March 01:49 PM

Iran Isn’t Going to Freeze Oil Production

The Iranian government claims that they don’t find it logical to curb their oil production, which is why they are not going to to join the agreement that was reached a couple of weeks ago between Russian and several OPEC members. More specifically, some Iranian officials say that many OPEC members boosted their oil production while Iran was under Western sanctions. Now, when the sanctions are canceled, Iran is also going to catch up with OPEC fellows.

Publication date: 03 March 07:24 AM
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