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Wednesday, 19 June 20:54 (GMT -05:00)

Foreign exchange market

Masterforex-V Names 135 Most Popular Forex Brokers 2019

When trying to increase the amount of new clients, many brokers start massive ad campaigns online. Most of the time, you can see or hear those brokers call themselves the leading players in the industry, the best of the best, which is obviously not true because all of them cannot be as good as they claim to be. This actually makes it really difficult for the common trader or investor to make up their mind when choosing the next broker to go with.

Publication date: 12 June 08:22 PM

Masterforex-V Expo Names Best MT4 Brokers in May 2017

Metatrader 4 (or MT4 for short) is still the world’s most popular Forex trading software. It was created to make the trader’s life easier and improve their trading performance. Today, there is even a web-based version of the trading software allowing you to access the market via any browser you like.
Publication date: 10 May 08:39 PM

Bitcoin Exchange Rate Goes Above $1700

Bitcoin is reported to have set a new record by seeing its exchange rate go above $1700. This is a 45% gain over the last 4 weeks. Given the increasing interest in the crypto-currency shown all around the world, international experts predict that by the end of 2017, BTC may reach even $4000.
Publication date: 10 May 07:47 PM

Trump Doesn’t need a Strong Dollar

A couple of weeks ago, Donald Trump made a statement related to the USA’s money-and-credit policy. This leads us to believe that in the near future Washington may well abandon the policy leading to a stronger dollar.


Publication date: 10 May 05:16 AM

FortFS, Masterforex-V Academy and PRO-Rebate Open «Double Bonus» Season

One of the leading international Forex companies named Fort Financial Services, which was recognized the world’s best FX broker for beginners in 2016, keeps on making clients happy with the help of various pleasant surprises.

Publication date: 04 May 10:37 AM

Forex Means Market Without Crisis

Most of us have already felt what an economic crisis is. Most likely, we keep on looking for extra income and financial stability. Is it possible? Yes, indeed, if discover Forex. What is conventional Forex?


Back in 1989, the daily FX turnover used to be as little as 600 million dollars a day.  In 1998, another global crisis broke in. Back then, the turnover easily exceeded 1 trillion dollars a day. By 2010, the turnover had already reached 3,5 trillion dollars. This time, it was the 2008 crisis that contributed to this growth. These days, the daily FX turnover is well above 5 trillion dollars a day. For the sake of comparison, the monthly NYSE turnover is well below the daily FX turnover. It sounds a little bit shocking, doesn’t it?
Publication date: 01 May 09:36 AM

What Currency May Replace Dollar As Global Currency?

For decades, the international expert community has been discussing the privileged position of the U.S. Dollar in the international currency market. Some experts predict that the dollar is likely to lose its stability as a global currency.


Publication date: 30 April 11:55 PM

Bitcoin Exchange Rate Hits New Record

On April 27, Bitcoin set a new major high against the US Dollar at 1331 USD. This was a 2,7% increase in a matter of day. Sine early 2017, Bitcoin has already appreciated by more than 30%.


Publication date: 28 April 01:39 AM

EverFX: Favorable Trading Conditions, Zero Spreads

There is no denying the fact that success in trading depends on a number of factors. Saving on spreads and commissions is one of them. Apparently, the more money you spend, the more money you save, and the better results you achieve.



Another important factor concerns trading conditions. If the trader can choose the leverage, the trading lot, set unlimited orders, use various strategies, and even trading robots, all of that increases the trader’s chances to succeed.
Publication date: 27 April 11:08 PM

Prime Broker Takes FX Investing to the Next Level

The topic of effective investing has been discussed by international traders and investors for nearly 2 decades. If to trace all the stages of the Forex investment evolution, we can see that major FX brokers introduce new products and services from time to time.
Those companies that launch another innovative product or service designed to let the client make more money at reduced risk can count on becoming really popular and joining those who set trends in the international investment environment. This is what seems to be happening with Prime Broker and its innovative investment solution.
Publication date: 27 April 01:25 AM

Dotoption Introduces Exclusive Accounts for Binary Options

There is no doubt that everyone who trades Forex wants to make as much money as possible while enjoying security and safety of funds. However, this is something few traders can actually boast, and this happens of a number of reasons.


Publication date: 26 April 07:47 AM
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