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Raygan's Former Advisor Accuses the Fed of a Big Fraud

The former budget advisor under Ronal Raygan's administration, of the founders of the so-called Rayganomics, David Stockman, is a big adversary of the Federal Reserve's policies. He thinks that artificial interest rate cuts coupled with uncontrolled QE (money printing) creates madness in financial markets, thus separating asset evaluation from their intrinsic value of those assets.

Publication date: 23 August 07:32 AM

Who will Receive a Trip to Caribbean Islands from HY Markets?


Any trader is pleased not only to receive high-quality financial market services from his broker, but also to receive regular surprises in the form of presents. If at Russian market such bonuses, contests, and prize drawings have money equivalent of 100 – at most 1 000 dollars, this stops being surprising and becomes usual. However, it is absolutely different when the prize concerns a luxurious holiday at prestigious resorts, by terms of “All inclusive” program.

Publication date: 16 December 06:57 AM

Spanish Housing Market Outlook


Spain is one of those countries who suffered most from the global financial crisis. It is one of those southern eurozone economies that are on the verge of a major recession. At this point, Spain is the country with the highest rate of unemployment in Europe – almost 25%. As a result, thousands of people start losing their homes as they cannot pay off their mortgage loans anymore. 
The Spanish government is trying to restore the economic growth by all means. They are even ready to grant residence permits to those foreigners who will purchase residential property in Spain to the amount of €250 000 or more.  They also bet on the tourist sector. It was decided to extend the working hours for those shops that are popular with tourists.
What are the prospects of the Spanish housing market? Let’s have a closer look at the issue.
Publication date: 12 December 01:35 PM

Who Runs Rating Agencies?


The world has been disappointed with rating agencies since the 2008 global crisis broke out. Mass media started questioning the reliability of the information provided by those agencies.
How reliable and unbiased is the information provided by major rating agencies - Fitch, Standart&Poor's and Moody's? Let’s ponder on this question.
Publication date: 10 December 10:07 AM

China-Afghanistan: Will China Repeat USSR And USA’s Mistakes?


They say none will ever manage to conquer Afghanistan completely… Russia and the USA can confirm that. After the USA withdraws its troops from Afghanistan in 2014, this statement may become even more evident.
Will any country dare go to Afghanistan after two superpowers failed to conquer it?
Publication date: 10 December 05:02 AM

Rating of Ageing Nations


Some self-proclaimed “experts” promote the idea of getting rid of retired people as some nations are aging while working population and pension funds are running low. They say that several nations are nearing a demographic disaster. Is the problem really so serious? Let’s have a closer look at the situation…
Publication date: 09 December 01:52 PM

Should Internet Be Regulated?


Some American politicians, human rights activists and advocates of internet freedom say that to regulate the Internet is to abandon it. The opponents respond: What is the difference between the Internet and the press/TV? If we regulate conventional mass media, we should do the same with the Internet, especially as the USA is already regulating its segment.
Other countries are planning to discuss the issue during the forthcoming conference of the International Telecommunications Union.
What do they mean by “internet regulation”? Why do some experts promote the idea of regulating the Internet while others oppose the idea?
Publication date: 07 December 12:05 PM

Iceland: 50% Pensions Cuts, No Discontent


What is the least pleasant surprise for retired people amid crisis? Pension cuts. Strange as it may seem, but we cannot say that about Iceland, which was among the first European countries to feel the burden of the global financial crisis and is now successfully recovering from it.
How is Iceland fighting the consequences of the crisis? How do antic-crisis measures affect the citizens? Why aren’t they as indignant at austerity as the citizens of southern eurozone states?
Publication date: 05 December 03:37 AM

Hong Kong Exchange will Hold Additional Issue to Take Over LME

The second largest stock operator worldwide - Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd. is supposed to hold additional issue of shares that would amount to 7.75 bln. Hong Kong dollars or 1 bln. US dollars. In such a way the stock exchange will finance the takeover of London Metal Exchange (LME) by 1.39 bln. pounds or 2.2 bln. dollars, as informed by the “Market Leader”.

Publication date: 04 December 08:38 PM

Gosha Kutsenko Invests In ForexTrend’s PAMM Accounts


Robert Kiyosaki says that people should let their money bring them passive income. The best way to reach this goal is to become an investor. You can find many celebrities among investors.  Gosha Kutsenko is one of them. By investing in ForexTrend’s PAMM Accounts, he has already earned more than 150%.
Why did the famous Russian movie star choose ForexTrend? Did the broker come up to his expectations? Is he determined to keep investing in ForexTrend’s PAMM Accounts? Marked Leader asked these questions during a recent interview with him.

Publication date: 29 November 08:38 AM

Global Crisis: Over or Gust Beginning?


Some optimistic personalities say that the global crisis is about to be over. Their standpoint is based on several recent GDP forecasts, which show some economic recovery. Their opponents say that the global crisis is still underway and will only escalate in the near future.


For example, one of the latest forecasts published by the Euro Commission suggests that the eurozone cannot even hope for an economic recovery in 2013. Therefore, they say there is no reason to be optimistic about the global economic prospects, as the eurozone crisis is tightly integrated into the global economy and keeps affecting it. Moreover, there are recessionary signs in the US economy. The Chinese economic growth is slowing down…
Publication date: 22 November 03:18 AM
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