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China Makes Blockchain Professions Official

There are 1838 officially recognized professions in China. Now, there list is up by 2 professions - blockchain engineer and blockchain app operator. The Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MOHRSS) has recently confirmed that by updating the list of official professions.
Publication date: 20 July 11:42 AM

Gold Outlook 2013: Hidden Factors


Gold prices have been continuously growing since October 2008 when the global financial crisis made investors flee stocks, bonds and housing markets in search of safe-haven assets. It is not accidental that 2012 was a bullish year for precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium while most currencies (including the US Dollar, the Euro, the British Pound) were flattish.
Will the tendency remain bullish in 2013? What levels may gold prices reach and why? Are there any hidden factors that may drive the market? Let’s try to answer these questions together…
Publication date: 24 January 10:29 AM

Residential Property: What Countries Will Be Suitable For Investing in 2013?


Nothing seems to prevent investors from going risky in 2013, especially as the IMF expects a slow but confident recovery of the global economy this year. Central banks won’t see any problems with liquidity as quantitative easing programs around the globe are underway.  In this aspect, investors are not likely to keep investing in low-yield assets offered by developed economies. More investors tart focusing their attention on emerging markets, which seems more promising in terms of ROI. 
Publication date: 22 January 05:04 AM

511 European Banks Closed in 2012


According to the recent report published by the ECB, 511 European banks were closed. The current amount of banks in the EU is 9076. 7059 of them belong to the eurozone. Most of the closed banks – 124 – were located in Luxembourg. France is number 2 with 105 closed banks. Italy is number 3 – 55 banks.
Publication date: 22 January 02:23 AM

Japan May Provoke New Global Financial Crisis

It is common knowledge that governments sometimes proceed to extreme measures in order to back economic growth when the situation gets really tough. It may have an impact on other economies around the globe, simultaneously provoking instability in financial markets. This is exactly what may happen due to the Japanese government’s new ambitious plan.

Publication date: 17 January 05:48 AM

Elite Residential Property: Billionaires Make Trends


Elite residential property is not only about showing off one’s well-being. It is a part of a luxurious lifestyle.  This is a relatively narrow market as few people can actually afford to spend millions of dollars on residential property.  Mansions, townhouses, penthouses, castles…
The year of 2012 was famous for some big-scale purchases of residential property in the UK, Singapore, the EU and other place around the world. But this time we want to talk about the US market of elite property and its records.  
Let’s have a look at what property do billionaires buy and where.
Publication date: 14 January 03:27 PM

Market Leader’s Rating of Housing Markets


These days, more investors include foreign residential property in their portfolios. For some of them, it is not simply about investing or diversifying their portfolios. They buy residential apartment and/or villas in resort areas for leisure as well.
Publication date: 14 January 08:25 AM

Gérard Depardieu’s Russian Citizenship - Lesson For Governments


Gérard Depardieu, the world-famous French actor, received Russian citizenship after rejecting his French passport. While he keeps receiving flowers and smiles form Russian women, France keeps learning a lesson.
Publication date: 11 January 05:38 AM

Tax Hikes – Good or Evil For USA?

Tax hikes and social benefit cuts have always been unpopular measures. They hint that there are crisis phenomena in a country’s economy. If the authorities have to go down to such steps in their fiscal policies, that means that it becomes harder for them to conceal and reject the difficult economic and financial situation in the country.


In order to gild the pill of austerity, governments usually to take populist steps like introducing taxes for the rich. Shortly after the French authorities decided to increase the max tax rate, the USA decided to do the same.
Publication date: 09 January 08:02 AM

STG: Trade with 50% Discount Throughout 2013


Whose fault is it that they are all miserable, that they don't know how to live, though they have sixty years of life before them? Why can't they be Rothschilds? Whose fault is it that a man has not got millions of money like Rothschild, and that he does not have the golden mountain of imperials and napoleons, which is as high as Maslenitsa show! If he has life, all this must be in his power! Whose fault is it that he does not know how to live his life? (F. Dostoevsky)

The genius of Russian literature has certainly been right – if a person lives, everything is in his power. However, many people do not understand it. This can be applied to forex market, where dumb luck, as in casino, but namely personal qualities of a person such as motivation, ambition, and desire to reach success bring great results. For example, such people as George Soros, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Rothschild once started with nothing. However, they believed and knew that they would succeed in the sphere of their activity. That is the way it happened, and this can be done by any of us.

Publication date: 08 January 11:49 PM

European Housing Market Outlook 2013


Foreign investors have always treated Europe like tourists treat places of interest.  That is why residential property in Europe is especially popular among foreigners (especially among those well-off people from the ex-USSR). They like buying apartments and villas in resort coastal areas of Spain , France, Italy and other EU countries. Moreover, residential property gives foreigners more rights in the Schengen Area.
Publication date: 08 January 03:24 PM
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