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Friday, 18 September 11:41 (GMT -05:00)

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Raygan's Former Advisor Accuses the Fed of a Big Fraud

The former budget advisor under Ronal Raygan's administration, of the founders of the so-called Rayganomics, David Stockman, is a big adversary of the Federal Reserve's policies. He thinks that artificial interest rate cuts coupled with uncontrolled QE (money printing) creates madness in financial markets, thus separating asset evaluation from their intrinsic value of those assets.

Publication date: 23 August 07:32 AM

Die Welt On New World Order… Without USA.

 Mass media likes to use catchy headlines in order to attract an audience’s attention.  Die Welt, a major German edition that enjoys popularity among businessmen and investors, has taken the same path. Not so long ago, it published an article written by Michael Stuermer, one of the leading German historian and political scientists. The article is called “USA-eine-neue-Weltordnung-schaffen-wollen.html">Wie die USA eine neue Weltordnung schaffen wollen“ (How is the USA determined to establish a new world order?).

The very headline alone makes people curious. The first few lines read that the Pentagon has to cut down its expenses and that the USA cannot and doesn’t want to bear the load of maintaining the existing world order on its own. These lines definitely cause controversial emotions. While some readers may feel joy because they are sick and tired of the USA’s selfish external policy and global domination, others may get concerned about a chaotic future without the last superpower.
Let’s have a closer look at this article…
Publication date: 11 February 04:30 AM

Treasury Market Overview

Mortgage credit lending. The rate of credit lending has increased by 0.06%, having amounted to 3.73% (the level of the end of September 2012). The general index of mortgage market amounts to 849.8 points, whereas it used to amount to 822.1 (current point is close to last year average).

Publication date: 10 February 05:42 AM

Foreign Residential Property: Turkey or Montenegro?


These days more and more investors tend to investors in foreign residential property. Wealthy people purchase apartments, villas and townhouses in Spain , Great Britain, Switzerland etc.
At the same time, those people who cannot afford to buy expensive homes, strive to invest in the residential property of other countries. Turkey and Montenegro are especially popular with them.


Publication date: 09 February 01:04 PM

Chances of Yandex in Compatition with Google: Bloomberg, Masterforex-V, and Odnoklassniki.ru


Recent article in highly authoritative US financial publishing house Bloomberg about grave doubt American experts on plans of largest search engine Yandex to globally extend its foreign niche has provoked a heated discussion in media, information agencies, blogs, and social networks. They have represented a mixture of patriotism (Americans do not believe in Russia!), skeptical assessments (why have our CIS experts not been asked) as well as arguments of marketing experts, Internet technologies specialists, and investors, for quotations of Yandex and Google are represented at US largest exchange.
Does Yandex have any chances to succeed in competition with Google, what are the strengths of both search engine, and what are the objective terms for the leader of the market niche to change? “Market Leader” experts were trying to find answers to these questions.
Publication date: 09 February 07:09 AM

Israeli Real Estate Market

Investing in Israel’s residential property has recently been fairly profitable. Housing prices are growing. They have increased by 50% over the last 5 years.

The Israeli housing market is especially popular with Russians. They keep buying apartments even when they are overpriced.
Obviously, you can find a lot of websites offering you to purchase residential property in Israel. However, not all of those real estate agencies vary are reliable. Therefore, it is important to find those agencies that have been in the industry for a long time. They should be licensed and should value their image.  How to find such real estate agencies? What are the criteria?
Publication date: 09 February 03:26 AM

Is George Soros Right When Saying That Investing In Russia Is A Mistake?


What can discourage you from reading “Putin's Russia and the Big Lie”, an article published in The American Thinker.  First of all, it is the author’s name - Kim Zigfeld. She is an anonymous personality who constantly writes anti-Russian articles in her blog called “La Russophobe”. She writes a lot, with most of her “masterpieces” being full of nonsense.


Some experts say that she is a Russian emigrant who hates Putin and Russia. They say Kim Zigfeld is a diagnosis, not a name.  The American Thinker has published a lot of anti-Russian articles. Why did Market Leader focus on this very article? You will find this out in a minute.

The major though of the article is the statement made by George Soros during the World Economic Forum in Davos, "Investing in Russia, I think, is a big mistake. The Putin regime doesn't respect the rule of law." Obviously, Soros is a very influential personality among investors. Therefore, Kim Zigfeld could abstain from righting a whole article, it was sufficient to quote Soros.
Publication date: 07 February 03:21 PM

Panteon Finance: Are All PAMM Account Services the Same?

Search worldwide: To avoid having all your eggs in the wrong basket at the wrong time, you should diversify. If you search worldwide, you will find more and better bargains than by studying only one nation. You will also gain safety due to diversification.
John Mark Templeton
It was such approach to investment that has considerably favoured financial market success of John Mark Templeton – outstanding investor, billionaire, and financial tycoon, founder of world-known group of investment funds that bears his name. First of all, diversification. The wider the choice is, the higher the chances for good bargains are.
Publication date: 07 February 06:33 AM

Forex Brokers: New Trends, Names, and Opportunities

Every trader and investors looks for his own Way to Success. Sometimes such search may take much time and seems to be so hard to find. However, in their time Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, George Soros, John Rockfeller, and many others managed not only to find the Way, but also to show HOW TO LOOK FOR. Hard work, motivation, and self-belief are the best compasses for every trader and investor. They lead to the Way of Profits.

Publication date: 05 February 12:03 PM

Dmitry Rannev: How not to Swallow “Kitchen’s” Bait?


Happiness is not a target, but a way of life, as the saying goes. These days international forex market can easily turn your target into a way of life. At any rate, thousands of successful traders have made sure about it, aside from such personalities as Buffett, Trump, Вильямс, Soros, Elder, and others. However, all of them, in addition to talent, singleness, and ambition, deal with proved and reliable business partners and companies that provide high-quality services.
Their less experienced colleagues are often seriously “stuck” even despite possessing all the abovementioned qualities. Why does this happen? The reason is one: beginning traders, doing their best to earn quickly and seeing no difference between grains and weed, sign agreements with “kitchens”, where they “are boiled”, having no opportunity to enter real market.
Publication date: 04 February 11:09 AM

Le Temps: Russian Economy Will Outpace European One In 2013

More and more experts anticipate a bright future for Russia. Not so long ago, Le Temps, a Swiss edition, joined the company by publishing an article that urges everyone to get ready for changes. Those changes are believed to be closely connected with Russia, which is expected to see an economic boom this year.  The author of the article says that this boom will be especially visible against the background of the continued eurozone crisis.

Is Le Temps right about the forthcoming Russian economic miracle? Let’s try to ponder on this question together.
Publication date: 04 February 10:52 AM
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