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Raygan's Former Advisor Accuses the Fed of a Big Fraud

The former budget advisor under Ronal Raygan's administration, of the founders of the so-called Rayganomics, David Stockman, is a big adversary of the Federal Reserve's policies. He thinks that artificial interest rate cuts coupled with uncontrolled QE (money printing) creates madness in financial markets, thus separating asset evaluation from their intrinsic value of those assets.

Publication date: 23 August 07:32 AM

FreshForex: iHedge – First “Smart” Technology at Forex

Today Forex market opens numerous opportunities for earning. Experienced participants of financial markets, who have developed their own trading strategies, know where, how, and when to perform profitable transactions, do not need other systems, at first glance. What about beginners? Is their only way to become successful traders connected with a long thorough study of Forex mechanisms?
Publication date: 04 April 01:12 AM

Panteon Finance: Contests Popular Among Forex Traders

These days various contests are very popular at Forex market. Even at real accounts many brokers suggest risk-free competition with money prizes. However, traders should be extremely alert: you never no when you may meet a DC, who will use these contests to draw you into the market and drain your deposit.

Publication date: 03 April 05:21 AM

International Media Say Cyprus Crisis Resulted From Conflict Between Russia And Germany. Is It True?


Some international media sources claim that the current crisis in Cyprus is the result of Germany and Russia’s actions rather than the eurozone crisis along with the Fed and the ECB.
In particular, Stratfor, an American internet sources, say s that the current situation in Cyprus will turn Russia and Germany from partners into enemies. At the same time, Il Legno Storto (Italy) also claims that the Cyrus crisis is a confrontation between Moscow and Berlin.  The edition decided to quote Jean-Claude Junker who said that Europe may face another World War I. And finally, Jim Sinclair, a famous trader, said that today’s situation in Cyprus resembles the shots in Sarajevo that started World War I.  The Russian Empire and Germany were the key participants of the war.
It seems like mass media start preparing us for worst-case scenarios. Are they right? Are Germany and Russia really standing behind the Cyprus crisis? Let’s try to ponder upon these questions together.
Publication date: 29 March 01:07 PM

Balance2 PAMM Index: More Profits, Less Risks

It is copybook performance to place your foot into a laid track; it is much harder, but yet more honorable, to lay it yourself.

Yakub Kolas




So many traders and investors at Forex market day after day and year after year are doing their best to place their feet into the “laid track”, supposing that this is safer and more profitable. Rather often crowd is wrong, masses provoke panic, and there happens a collapse. However, if you follow your own way, though more intricate, your chances to succeed are much higher.

Publication date: 29 March 01:45 AM

European Housing Market Outlook


2012 was a controversial year for the European housing market. While some European markets were rallying, others were dominated by the bears. Obviously, investors wonder where housing price will go this year.
Publication date: 23 March 02:38 AM

Forex Trend: Investment Consultant Gathers Pace

"Most people are just as happy as they make their minds to be," said Abraham Lincoln. The same concerns modern traders and investors, who mostly define the extent of their success at forex market on their own. Of course, international currency market has a number of risks, without consideration of which one should not count on regular and high profit.

Publication date: 22 March 08:07 AM

Czech Housing Market Outlook

 Probably all of us heard about Czech Republic. It is located in the heart of Europe. Obviously, the country is full of magnificent castles and other monuments of ancient architecture. This is a place of interest for millions of tourists from around the world. 

Therefore, Czech Republic’s housing market can be considered a good option for foreign investors. Investments in the local residential property (which has always been in high demand) can generate decent profits.
Let’s have a closer look at the country’s housing market:
Publication date: 21 March 02:39 PM

Experts: Cyprus May Provoke Euro Collapse


It’s been 4 years since the latest global financial crisis. Some EU countries have found themselves in a difficult financial situation once again. Strikes and demonstrations in Greece, Cyprus , Portugal , Spain , Ireland, Belgium, France and other European states indicate that the unpopular austerity measures implemented by local governments are too painful and inefficient.  It seems like the EU has got in a spiritual crisis.
However, the most terrible thing is that the EU and the eurozone seem to have failed to find really efficient solutions. At this point, the European unity and integrity along with the common European currency are in jeopardy. Will the EU authorities manage to save the eurozone integrity by helping Greece, Cyprus and other needy eurozone economies? Let’s try to answer these questions together with Masterforex-V Academy.
Publication date: 21 March 07:09 AM

Russian Premier Medvedev On Cyprus Crisis


On March 20th Dmitry Medvedev, Premier Minister of Russia, expressed his opinion on the current situation in Cyprus . This instantly became one of the top news in the Russia-speaking internet community.
What does the banking crisis in Cyprus mean? What are the reasons for it? What may be the consequences of the Cyprus crisis for the country and the entire eurozone? Let’s ponder on these questions together.
Publication date: 21 March 05:54 AM

Tusar Forex: Broker that Returns Commission Fee?

In addition to the opportunity of earning profit, modern Forex market is characterized by certain nuances. Neglecting them means operating at a loss. First of all, this concerns risks. The difference between a professional trader and his less experienced colleague is the fact that the former approaches every transactions with a well-thought system of risk management.

Publication date: 21 March 02:27 AM
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