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Friday, 18 September 11:55 (GMT -05:00)

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Raygan's Former Advisor Accuses the Fed of a Big Fraud

The former budget advisor under Ronal Raygan's administration, of the founders of the so-called Rayganomics, David Stockman, is a big adversary of the Federal Reserve's policies. He thinks that artificial interest rate cuts coupled with uncontrolled QE (money printing) creates madness in financial markets, thus separating asset evaluation from their intrinsic value of those assets.

Publication date: 23 August 07:32 AM

Handelsblatt On Globalization And Its Consequences Of Financial Markets


Handelsblatt, a popular German edition, has recently published an article by Wolfram Weimer called Das Globalisierungswunder (Wonder Globalization).
Publication date: 03 June 02:38 PM

Admiral Markets: Knowledge – Capital of Financial Independence

Some suppose that one can easily earn at Forex market. Others, on the contrary, believe that Forex is a trap for the trustful, a place where money goes away and does not come back. In fact, both are mistaken. Forex is the largest financial market, which enables everybody to make profit. However, only condition that has the knowledge of market features. Otherwise, as in any other job, you won’t reach good results.

Publication date: 31 May 09:20 AM

Panasonic Plans to Dismiss 5000 Employees in 3 Years



Panasonic, a major Japanese manufacturer of electronics, is planning to dismiss some 5000 employees in 3 months. The step is designed to increase the company’s operating margins. The increase is expected to reach at least 5%.
Publication date: 31 May 07:25 AM

PAMM Index: Investors’ Annual Earning

Never make decisions on your own if you can make someone else do it, as a popular joke goes. However, it is known that there is a shard of joke in every joke, the rest is truth. The trouble with Russians is that, when making their own decision, they find a guilty party in case of its failure. If the decision is made by someone else, looking for a “scapegoat” takes even less time.
Publication date: 28 May 02:39 AM

Tips For Investors: Does Russia Have a Bright Future in the WTO?


It’s been almost 12 months since Russia joined the World Trade Organization. This means that we have got an opportunity to make first intermediary conclusions. Still, this is not a easy task since the results are rather controversial. On top of that, the Russian community is still divided over Russia’s decision to join the WTO.
Some of them consider July 10th 2012 (the day when the State Duma approved Russia’s WTO membership) the day of shame and national tragedy, the proof of national helplessness. They urge the government to exit the WTO. Others think that Russia has finally got an opportunity to integrate into the global economy, which is definitely a huge benefit for the Russian economy.
Let’s have a closer look at the situation…
Publication date: 23 May 02:40 PM

The National Interest: Romney Says Russia Is USA’s №1 Foe. Is I t Rue?


Mitt Romney, a senator and the Republican Party's nominee for President of the United States in the 2012 election, seems to have made himself known once again. This all revolves around his famous statement that “Russia is America's 'number one geopolitical foe”.
Publication date: 21 May 12:11 PM

FBS: FX Bazooka – Analytical Portal of New Generation


As the Internet is brimming with financial information, it is generally hard for a trader to focus on its continuous stream. Many get lost in the abundance of offered possibilities and often make mistakes. It is a paradox, though truth, that the greater amount of information provokes hasty actions.
Publication date: 20 May 09:59 PM

Schools of Managers: Why Brokers Need Successful Managing Traders

These days many traders show rather average results at forex market. According to statistical data, only 5% reach real success, thus gaining regular profit. How are these 5% different from others?

First of all, they have the skill of taking wise trading decisions, based not on emotions, but on thorough analysis of all nuances, as well as all technical and fundamental results for present and future perspective. They are also characterized by systems of effective money and risk management, skill of waiting or acting when such is required by trading system.

Publication date: 20 May 06:21 AM

The Washington Post On European Crisis and Euro


Over the last few years, the word collocation “European crisis” has turned into a set expression. It’s been almost 5 years since it began. Europe seems to have suffered most of all form the global crisis. 2 years ago a new wave of crisis broke out, thereby turning into a severe debt and banking crisis in the EU and the eurozone.
Good news are scanty while bad news keep coming from Europe almost every day. Yet, the world cannot ignore it because Europe accounts for nearly 20% of the entire global economy. Even though everyone seems to get used to unexpected (sometimes shocking) and controversial news from the area, they are still worried about the destiny of the Old World? A complete downfall or a renaissance?
Publication date: 13 May 08:48 AM

Trust In EU Declines. Will Euro Collapse?


The latest opinion polls conducted in the EU show that more and more European citizens show distrust in the EU and the eurozone. The biggest decline was seen in the EU’s 6 biggest countries. In particular, in Spain , the distrust increased up to 72%. For comparison sake, it used to be just 23% 5 years ago.
Publication date: 02 May 07:43 AM
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