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Tuesday, 4 August 21:18 (GMT -05:00)

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China Makes Blockchain Professions Official

There are 1838 officially recognized professions in China. Now, there list is up by 2 professions - blockchain engineer and blockchain app operator. The Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MOHRSS) has recently confirmed that by updating the list of official professions.
Publication date: 20 July 11:42 AM

Forbes On Putin’s Popularity And Russia’s Future


Western mass media have been predicting the downfall of Putin’s regime for many years. They say the Russian will get disappointed with him in the near future. That is why most Western analysts were shocked by an article written by Mark Adomanis. The article is called “Vladimir Putin's Approval Rating Isn't Actually Declining”. It is published by Forbes.
Publication date: 25 June 02:30 PM

Investment into US Television: Perspectives of Company’s Shares by Eyes of Traders


New report of Moody’s says that US television industry is predicted to remain stable, despite the expected drop of income from advertizing in 2013 (this is connected with rise of income last year due to political and Olympiad-related advertizing):
Publication date: 21 June 05:38 AM

Collapse of Liberty Reserve Hits Heavy on Wallets of Forex Traders


Due to scandalous closure of one of the leading world electronic payment systems Liberty Reserve Forex market has experienced a tsunami of negative consequences. Thus, many brokers have imposed limitations on output of the means that had been input via Liberty Reserve.

Motivation of such actions remains the same: loss of capital in Liberty Reserve. Why does none of the companies understand or want to understand that clients should not suffer, as payment problems are not related to them. What is more, brokers would claim that they have numerous systems of money input-output, which guarantees quick and full-scale performance of a transaction under any conditions. In other words, if something happens to one of the payment systems, the problem will be automatically resolved by means of others.

Publication date: 10 June 01:45 AM

Why does Tusar Forex Grant its Clients with 20% of their Deposit?


It seems that everyone dreams bout financial independence and acquiring the benefits that are available to successful businessmen and financial experts. However, due to various (mostly subjective) reasons, we prefer everyday routine by a schedule to extraordinary, but independent and profitable activity. By choosing the latter and working for oneself a person gets rid of numerous unnecessary formalities, manager’s control, and endless duties for miserable payment. Here, though, one is to be determined and firm. You will then not only save time – priceless resource of any person, − but also gain stability in earning high profit, as well as numerous positive impressions.

Publication date: 07 June 02:00 AM

Google Introduces Virtual Keyboard For Android Smartphones

Google Play has recently introduced another interesting product for all the owners of mobile devices powered by Android 4.0. The app is free to download. In order to be able to use the keyboard, you need to update the OS to Android 4.0.

Publication date: 07 June 01:25 AM

HY Markets: Winner of the First Trader Championship


People’s life journey is a continuous overcoming of not only external obstacles,
also of aging forms of ones personal consciousness in order to reach
a higher stage. This is people’s way to maturity.

R. Rollan

Modern traders would find it hard to disagree with the classic. Professionals of forex market seem to know better than others that most serious obstacles on the way to financial stability and successful trade or investment are placed by the person on one’s own. If you have managed to overcome “the aging forms of your personal consciousness”, put aside stereotypes and standard mass thinking, you are on the right way to gaining real financial independence. Freedom provided by forex market is used by thousands of traders worldwide.

Publication date: 07 June 12:01 AM

wPolityce: Why is the USA afraid of Russia’s USSR-style policy?


Western media start intimidating the world with some Russian expansion once again. In 1949 the late James Forrestal, the first United States Secretary of Defense, committed suicide after saying, “The Russians are coming…”
Marcin Strzymiński, a writer working for wPolityce, has recently written an article on Russia’s victories in Eastern Europe. Of course, we are not going to compare him to the late Forestall. However, the idea expressed by Marcin Strzymiński is closely connected to those fears expressed by Forrestal.  In particular, the whole idea behind the article can be expressed with one sentence: it’s been slightly over 2 decades since the breakup of the USSR, but Russia is already showing its imperial ambitions in effort to restore the former spheres of influence.
What make the author think so? Let’s try to find this out…
Publication date: 04 June 06:04 AM

Handelsblatt On Globalization And Its Consequences Of Financial Markets


Handelsblatt, a popular German edition, has recently published an article by Wolfram Weimer called Das Globalisierungswunder (Wonder Globalization).
Publication date: 03 June 02:38 PM

Admiral Markets: Knowledge – Capital of Financial Independence

Some suppose that one can easily earn at Forex market. Others, on the contrary, believe that Forex is a trap for the trustful, a place where money goes away and does not come back. In fact, both are mistaken. Forex is the largest financial market, which enables everybody to make profit. However, only condition that has the knowledge of market features. Otherwise, as in any other job, you won’t reach good results.

Publication date: 31 May 09:20 AM

Panasonic Plans to Dismiss 5000 Employees in 3 Years



Panasonic, a major Japanese manufacturer of electronics, is planning to dismiss some 5000 employees in 3 months. The step is designed to increase the company’s operating margins. The increase is expected to reach at least 5%.
Publication date: 31 May 07:25 AM
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