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Tuesday, 19 January 09:47 (GMT -05:00)

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SEC Announces $10M Bounty For Whistle Blowers

Publication date: 17 September 12:38 PM

USA: for 4 Last Years 1.5 Times More People Killed than for 9 Previous Years

Shocking statistics has been published in the USA – for four last years as a result of using fire weapon one and a half people more were killed in the country than for nine previous years. Every year the number of “fire showdown” victims in the USA keeps rising, and this gives rise to heated discussions on whether free sale of weapon is good or evil. However, it is easier not to adopt anything rather than adopt, but then forbid, especially if this concerns business with billionth annual turnover. The issue has been studied by the experts of “US News” Department of the “Market Leader”.
Publication date: 25 October 04:27 AM

Why Arsenal-FX Pays its Managers 10 000 Dollars


These days Forex market seems to be the only stable means of ensuring financial independence. And this does not concern the chosen banks and groups of companies with large capitals, as it used to be 10-15 years ago, but anyone wishing to.
Publication date: 21 October 10:13 PM

US Default Threat May Force USA Into Confiscating Dollars

What will the USA do if Barack Obama fails to compromise with the opposing majority in the US Congress until October 17th? There will be a technical default on the US public debt attended by the collapse of the US Dollar, US stocks and the entire US economy as well as some other nightmares that President Obama will never let happen.
What trump card does Obama have up his sleeve? A famous Ukrainian expert Andrei Blinov shocked the public by suggesting the idea that in the worst-case scenario the USA will have to… confiscate dollars!
Publication date: 14 October 03:13 AM

Obama Waits For Congress Decision, Every Day Counts


The USA is currently seeing a boost in the export of various goods. Obama say that the very phrase “made in USA” seems to mean a lot to people all around the world, which supports the US economy and reminds the world that it is still competitive.


Apparently, the problems caused by the global financial crisis were the major reasons for multiple concerns that Obama’s ambitious plan to double the export volume may eventually fail.
Publication date: 01 October 04:07 AM

Laurence Kotlikoff Says the USA is Bankrupt, the US Dollar is Doomed. Is He Right?


Laurence Kotlikoff, a famous American economist and professor of Boston University, says the USA is already bankrupt and the US Dollar has no future! This should have been a sensation but eventually wasn’t… He is the author of numerous bestsellers, a respected expert and a consultant for "The Financial Times", "Bloomberg", "Forbes", "Vox", "The Economist". He says the situation around the US budget and debt ceiling has gone out of the US government’s control. Is it really so? Let’s try to ponder on this question together…
Publication date: 27 September 07:09 AM

Russian-US Info War: Is Syrian Issue Resolved?

As you know, a couple of decades ago the USSR ceased to exist and the global balance of powers shifted towards the USA and the West. Now, Washington has to face Russia and other superpowers including China when solving multiple global economic and geopolitical issues.
The USA is diplomatic only with those who has either nuclear arms (like Russia) or those who is economically powerful (China, the EU). The Middle East has been a point interest for the USA for decades. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, sanctions against Iran… now it is about possible aggression against Syria. What may be the consequences (for the global economy) of a possible military operation in Syria?
Publication date: 24 September 11:34 PM

Nokia Postpones Lumia 1520 Presentation


Nokia postponed the presentation of the long-awaited devices Lumia 1520 till October 20th. At this point, the true reasons for the decision are unknown. There may be some manufacturing or testing issues. Experts say the Windows Phone GDR3 update may need more testing since it allows the manufacturer to use quad-core processors and Full HD displays. 
Publication date: 17 September 02:08 AM

RoboForex: Video Analytics − Speaking Clearly with Clients

Finding a reliable source of information that provides practically useful data is often a problem for many traders. Of course, in order to keep up to date, serious broker companies turn to video resources, which include clear and objective analytical materials as well as picture shots. This is very handy due to harmonic combination of verbal texts and visual examples. However, not all picture shots may bring practical benefit. What are the benefits of analytical and news data in comparison to other media and which Forex brokers suggest the most high-quality picture shots has been studied by journalists of the “Market Leader”.
Publication date: 14 September 06:32 AM

Before Start: Futures for US Indexes are Stable

Futures for American indexes show stable positions at stock exchange. They slightly change on Thursday, thus keeping Wednesday positions. Labour market statistics is supposed to stimulate index growth at main trading session, for the number of unemployment claims has reduced, and the number of jobs has increased.

Publication date: 05 September 09:18 PM

EU’s Anti-Crisis Strategy: Self-Delusion or Strong Bullish Driver for Euro

The eurozone has been fighting the continued debt crisis for 4 years now. The progress is unstable while the results are questionable. Moreover, even the veryparticipants of the process start questioning the efficiency if their actions. In other words, European politicians, financiers and analysts are divided over the major question: Have we chosen the right way?

Publication date: 12 August 05:26 AM
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