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Tuesday, 4 August 21:09 (GMT -05:00)

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China Makes Blockchain Professions Official

There are 1838 officially recognized professions in China. Now, there list is up by 2 professions - blockchain engineer and blockchain app operator. The Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MOHRSS) has recently confirmed that by updating the list of official professions.
Publication date: 20 July 11:42 AM

The Guardian on GDP and Living Standards

It seems like GDP has always been a favorite toy in politicians and economists’ hands. It seems that it is fairly simple to sum up all the material goods produced in a certain country and we will get global leaders in terms of GDP – EU (16,092 trillion dollars – the data provided by the IMF in 2012), the USA (15,684 trillion dollars), China (12,405 trillion dollars) , India (4,684 trillion dollars) and Japan (4,627 trillion dollars). These are the countries that produce most of the good consumed around the globe.

Publication date: 14 November 03:55 AM

The Independent on the USA Yielding to Russia


Is Vladimir Putin really the most influential person in the world? Well, Forbes thinks so! It happens that Barrack Obama, President of the United States is number tow despite the fact that the USA has been the only real superpower since the end of World War II. This looks and sound really strange, especially if to consider the fact that the Russian president is considered to be number one by one of the most influential Western editions, not some Eastern experts or politicians.
Publication date: 13 November 12:55 PM

Patent Contract Between Nokia and Samsung Electronics Prolonged


Representatives of Finnish company Nokia have informed that the contract on licensing of patents with the world’s largest producer of mobile phones Samsung will be prolonged for 5 years.
Publication date: 06 November 01:10 AM

Voice of America on Russian Budget


The share of the secret spending part of Russia’s budget keeps increasing. Apparently, international media sources cannot but ignore this fact and are glad to speculate on it! In particular, Voice of America’s Russian service claims that the aggregate sum of the Russian budget that will be spent on some secret projects over the next 3 years will reach RUR9,68 trillion!

Publication date: 05 November 05:10 AM

Apple Releases Quarterly Report



Apple has recently published its report for the 4th quarter of the past financial year. In particular, Apple sold a record amount of iPhones in July-September 2013. The corporation shipped some 33,8 million devices in their official stores worldwide. This is a 25% increase in comparison with Q4 of the previous financial year.
Publication date: 31 October 02:34 AM

Life of Venezuela Head Maduro Estimated as 10 Thousand Dollars Only

Chief executives of many countries are guarded very thoroughly, for there are a lot of people who seek their health or life. Absence of security may cost much, like in a situation with an attempt on the head of Sweden Olof Palme. He was killed in 1986 in Stockholm, when he and his wife have decided to go to the cinema without security.
Publication date: 27 October 03:43 PM

USA: for 4 Last Years 1.5 Times More People Killed than for 9 Previous Years

Shocking statistics has been published in the USA – for four last years as a result of using fire weapon one and a half people more were killed in the country than for nine previous years. Every year the number of “fire showdown” victims in the USA keeps rising, and this gives rise to heated discussions on whether free sale of weapon is good or evil. However, it is easier not to adopt anything rather than adopt, but then forbid, especially if this concerns business with billionth annual turnover. The issue has been studied by the experts of “US News” Department of the “Market Leader”.
Publication date: 25 October 04:27 AM

Why Arsenal-FX Pays its Managers 10 000 Dollars


These days Forex market seems to be the only stable means of ensuring financial independence. And this does not concern the chosen banks and groups of companies with large capitals, as it used to be 10-15 years ago, but anyone wishing to.
Publication date: 21 October 10:13 PM

US Default Threat May Force USA Into Confiscating Dollars

What will the USA do if Barack Obama fails to compromise with the opposing majority in the US Congress until October 17th? There will be a technical default on the US public debt attended by the collapse of the US Dollar, US stocks and the entire US economy as well as some other nightmares that President Obama will never let happen.
What trump card does Obama have up his sleeve? A famous Ukrainian expert Andrei Blinov shocked the public by suggesting the idea that in the worst-case scenario the USA will have to… confiscate dollars!
Publication date: 14 October 03:13 AM

Obama Waits For Congress Decision, Every Day Counts


The USA is currently seeing a boost in the export of various goods. Obama say that the very phrase “made in USA” seems to mean a lot to people all around the world, which supports the US economy and reminds the world that it is still competitive.


Apparently, the problems caused by the global financial crisis were the major reasons for multiple concerns that Obama’s ambitious plan to double the export volume may eventually fail.
Publication date: 01 October 04:07 AM
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