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SEC Announces $10M Bounty For Whistle Blowers

Publication date: 17 September 12:38 PM

Banks and Forex: Rivals to Broking Companies or Serious Currency Dealing?


Not so long ago, bankir.ru published an interview with a top manager of Alpha Forex, who turned out to be an expert in the field of Forex trading. In particular, he explain the place of banks in the broking industry (both in Russia and around the globe).
Publication date: 13 February 03:19 AM

Forbes on Russia’s Economic Potential


More and more media sources around the globe turn to the topic of Russia and its economic and political potential. Especially big interest comes from Western editions, which like comparing Russia to some poor African states, thereby trying to hint at the poor economic conditions inside the country.
Publication date: 12 February 03:36 AM

On 4th February Tyumen entrepreneurs will visit Surgut.

 On 4th February Tyumen entrepreneurs will visit Surgut.

Publication date: 04 February 11:40 AM

Most Popular Israeli Clinics in Internet


Israel is rightfully considered the world’s medical capital; about 200 clinics that suggest first-class treatment work here. Patients from Russia, Western Europe, and CIS countries come here for complex diagnostics, specialized treatment, surgery, and other medical service. And this is for a reason, as the quality of medical services in Israeli clinics corresponds to, and sometimes even exceeds, that of other developed countries, whereas prices are more democratic for the citizens of post-Soviet area. What is more, most doctors in Israel are fluent in Russian, thus releasing Russian-speaking citizens from inconveniences that frequently arise while undergoing medical treatment abroad.
Publication date: 13 December 03:33 PM

Maariv On USA's Betrayal of Israel


At first sight, we have just witnessed a sensational event. It seems like the bilateral relations between Iran and the USA are improving. As you probably know, not so long ago, Iran and 6 international mediators (members of the UN Security Council and Germany) signed an agreement leading to freezing the Iranian nucellar program in exchange for the elimination of all those sanctions against Iran.
It seems like we should be celebrating the event. However, there are countries that indignant at the situation. Obviously, this is Israel. Tel-Aviv called it a terrible agreement between the West and Iran, even a historical mistake and the USA's betrayal of Israel as a devoted ally in the Middle East.
Israel says that the world's most terrible regime made another big step towards developing nuclear arms and is unlikely to abandon this idea despite the agreement.
So, what about the US-Israeli relations? Are they deteriorating due to the agreement? Will Israel remain a strategic asset and ally for the USA?
Publication date: 06 December 04:42 AM

Google Fined $17 Million For Spying On Safari Users



Google, the world-famous tech giant and the owner of the world’s most popular search engine, is reported to have been spying on Safari users. Safari is popular browser developed by Apple and used mainly by Apple users. It turns out that Google has violated the privacy policy defined by Apple.
Publication date: 21 November 04:34 AM

Yahoo’s Buy-Back May Reach $5bn


The official representatives of Yahoo! have just reported that the buy-back of the company’s stock may well be increased up to $5bn.
Publication date: 21 November 04:33 AM

Nintendo Works on a Tablet for Development Games

According to unofficial reports, Nintendo is developing a tablet-like game console form development games.  Such conclusions ere made after a representative of Nintendo's US office left a message in his Twitter account. The message claimed that Nintendo was experimenting with a tablet powered by a Android-modified operating system.

Publication date: 21 November 03:04 AM

Die Welt on Putin's Efforts to Turn Russia into a Superpower


These days more and more Western editions are discussing Vladimir Putin and his efforts to consolidate his power and to turn Russia into a superpower and a major player in the international arena.
Not so long ago, Michael Stürmer from Die Welt (Germany) published an article claiming that Putin's Russia strives to become a superpower! What makes the author think so and what are Russia's real chances to become a heavyweight once again? Let's ponder on these questions together…
Publication date: 21 November 02:41 AM

American Thinker Calls the US Dollar and the USA an Extraordinary Currency and Country. Is It Right?


Sometimes it seems like the USA is too much obsessed with what the Russians thinks about it. The Americans are os obsessed with the issue that they still keep on publishing new replies to Vladimir Putin’s statements published in The New York Times.
They respondents are trying to persuade the world that the USA is an extraordinary country. Why did Putin’s words touch American journalists and politicians and how do they explain the extraordinary nature of the USA and its currency? Let’s have a closer look at the issue…
Publication date: 20 November 02:05 AM
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