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Tuesday, 19 January 09:20 (GMT -05:00)

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SEC Announces $10M Bounty For Whistle Blowers

Publication date: 17 September 12:38 PM

LG keeps on dealing with premium advanced mobile phones of Prime family, as they discovered in Optionova

The South Korean gadgets creator of LG Electronics after the new PDA leader on Android LG G3, LG is get ready to discharge a few new items, which could be likely credited to the premium class.  

Publication date: 17 June 12:40 PM

LG: for the three months it was sold 1 million of television sets on web OS, mentioned in Optionova

The LG Organization, authority in deal and creation of vast buyer gadgets, today reported the usage of 1 million TVs that were focused around WebOS. It is important that the result might be viewed as a record, since the withdrawal of the item to the mass business sector has been just three months.  

Publication date: 04 June 10:06 PM

Apple works at iPhone, that converts in Ipad smaller than expected, as they figured out in Optionova

Over the recent years, the organization Fppl has lost its development, howeverŠ± in the event that you accept the expressions of investigator Subside Misek, now "Macintosh" maker creates models for a few uncommon gadgets, one of which is the iPhone with screen sizes 4 mm and OLED- screen and its capability to highlight will be converted into Ipad small scale.  

Publication date: 02 June 07:29 PM

In present year, Sony supposes to convey 50 million of smart phones, as they reported in Optionova

Sony has depicted its new objective discharging in financial year 2014, which closes at the end of March 2015, no less than 50 million of cell phones. As it have been figured out by the experts of Binary Options Broker Optionova, the mentioned shipment for 15 million units is much smaller comparing with the Japanese producer wanted to ship prior.  

Publication date: 22 May 05:26 AM

Expense of the first Motorola`s Smart Watch will be 249 Euro, as figured out specialists of Optionova

Up to this point, Motorola did not uncover all the data about the qualities of its "Smart" watch Moto 360, and the French version of Le Diary du Nerd has imparted some data about this device on the Android Wear basing. As it was indicated by the experts of Binary Options Broker Optionova, the accessible data alludes only to the expense and timing of arrival of new things. 

Publication date: 21 May 04:32 AM

In Optionova, it got realized that Samsung will pay Apple 120 million Dollars for violation of two licenses

The jury in San Jose has chosen that Samsung must pay to Apple the payment of 119.6 million Dollars because of the way that the South Korean Goliath has defiled two licenses of "Apple" organization. On the other hand, the cases of American organization about an alternate two licenses had not been met.  

Publication date: 05 May 10:51 AM

In Optionova, it was talked about that Microsoft, HP, Oracle and Symantec will force sanctions against Russian organizations and banks

American IT- titans will carry the USA sanctions against Russian organizations and various banks. Not so long time will pass, when such companies as Microsoft, HP, Oracle and Symantec will stop to work with the Russian side. Russian specialists said that it might offer stimulus to the advancement of residential programming, however, the worldwide experts can see important results for Russian business elements. Binary Options Broker Optionova will tell about it in details. 

Publication date: 01 May 01:36 PM

Settlement between Microsoft and Nokia will be shut this Friday, as stated by Optionova

This week at last will be shut a settlement between Microsoft and Nokia. Programming Organization purchases the Finnish organization's versatile division. "Settlement of the Century", as it is called by a few experts, will be shut on the 25th of April, this Friday. Furthermore, on the 29th of April, Nokia will entirety up trimestral results. Specialists of binary options broker Optionova will tell about it in details. 

Publication date: 23 April 03:04 AM

Apple and Google will battle for the right to be the first in supplying diversions and requisitions, as they assume in Optionova

Apple and Google went on the war way for the vicinity of singular gaming requisitions in their working frameworks. Designers are urged to earnestly advertise faithfulness. It is accounted for by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) alluding to educated sources. The subtle elements will be told by binary options broker Optionova. 

Publication date: 22 April 06:08 AM

Shares of Google, as stated by Optionova, fell after the production of the quarterly report

Google discharged its fiscal effects for the first quarter of 2014. Markers have been expanded contrasted and the same period a year prior. Notwithstanding, certain variables befuddled gurus such a great amount of, that in the wake of summing up, the shares on the stock trade fell. Why did it happen, examiners of binary options broker Optionova will retell of it.  

Publication date: 18 April 08:28 AM
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