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Black Lives Matter - Investors Keep Ignoring Major Riot In US In 50 Years. Why?

Everyone has probably heard of the #BlackLivesMatter riots, which have been going on in the United States for a while. However, international financial markets seem to have been underestimating this event, which happens to be the biggest riots in the USA in 50 years! Why is that?

Publication date: 18 June 07:56 AM

Russian Central Bank Loads Up On Gold Heavily

Russia’s central bank is reported to have been buying gold at an unprecedented rate. To be more specific, the IMF reports that the central bank purchased 11 tons of gold last month. Given the fact that the People’s Bank of China is still number one in terms of buying gold, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation comes second after its Chinese counterpart. Still, some experts say that the gold purchase stats provided by the People’s Bank of China cannot be seen as reliable since there is no transparent way to confirm those stats. With that being said, Russia may be close to be the biggest buyer of gold to date.
Publication date: 06 April 06:44 AM

Why Apple Goes Back To Small-Screen iPhones

In late March, Apple conducted another conference where the corporation introduced its new devices. The presentations took place in Cupertino, where Apple’s headquarters are located. As you probably know, iPhone SE became the focus of the event. SE stands for special edition. Indeed, the device looks like iPhone 5 or 5S but its tech specifications are those compared to iPhone 6S.
Publication date: 05 April 05:07 AM

Masterforex-V Expo: Best FX Banks. March 2016

How to make the right decision by choosing a reputable FX broker? How to avoid fakes and scams? Will, the questions seem difficult to answer. Right off the bat, you may answer that this should be an honest and client-oriented company since you are going to trust your money with it. However, it is clear that there are no universal blueprints when it comes to choosing reputable FX brokers. The thing is, all traders are individuals with their own sets of goals, ambitions, aspirations, requirements, fears, and interests. With that being said, the parameters they take into account when choosing reliable FX brokers may vary from trader to trader. Still, there are some key factors that are common for any decent company working in the industry of retail FX brokerage services.
Publication date: 24 March 08:04 AM

No Global Financial Crisis This Year, Roubini Says

Famous American economist Nouriel Roubini is sure that there is not going to be any major crisis in 2016. Still, this year is going to be a tough one for international commodity markets as well as many economies out there, especially emerging ones, the expert says. By the way, Mr. Roubini has been famous for his prediction of the 2008 global crisis, which is why he has been enjoying respect in the international financial community ever since.

Publication date: 18 March 10:31 AM

Will China Succeed In Reformatting Its Economy?

The latest economic figures coming from China make the international exert community worry about the fate of the Chinese economy in particular and the entire global economy in general. The thing is, each time Western stock markets start plunging, China is viewed as one of the key drivers affecting those markets along with other markets out there.

Publication date: 10 March 02:40 AM

Soros Says Russia Will Go Broke In 2017

According to George Soros, the world-famous billionaire an investor, Russia is going to go bankrupt in 2017 when it is time to pay most of Russia’s foreign debts. In order to avoid this worst-case scenario, Vladimir Putin wants the European Union to crash instead, which is why he has recently been doing his best to make it happen, the investor says.
Publication date: 09 March 10:37 AM

U.S. Oil Export May Destroy Russia’s Energy Superpower

Experts say that Russia’s status as an energy superpower is all about its ability to export energy carriers to the global market. With that being said, the status is in jeopardy since oil prices are ultra-low and still may crash even further, thereby making oil production more unprofitable for Russia.

Publication date: 04 March 12:50 AM

ALLIBIO on Benefits of Investing in E-Healthcare

Investing as a way of getting stable and stunning profits has always been the best option for:
- those trying to preserve and multiply their savings
- those looking for the funds to expand their businesses
- those making passive income for a living
Experts say that these days anyone with a little bit of savings can implement one or all of those goals since today’s environment with highly sophisticated technologies and developed financial markets opens a sea of promising investment opportunities. These days, even plain folks with little to no investment expertise can get consistent rewards month by month. Yet, such investments are going to outperform the conventional ones like bank deposits.
Publication date: 22 February 05:23 AM

IMF Downgrades Global Economic Growth Projection For 2016-2017

The experts working for the International Monetary Fund have downgraded their global economic growth forecast for 2016 and 2017. According to the revised forecast, the experts expect weaker growth – only 3,4% and 3,6% in 2016 and 2017 respectively. At the same time, the IMF revised its economic forecasts for some specific economies.

Publication date: 15 February 05:57 AM

Electric Vehicles Threaten Oil Exporters

Electric vehicles are getting more and more popular worldwide. Experts predict that electric vehicles may win up to 30% as a share in the global market of automobiles by 2030. With that being said, this is a real long-term threat to oil-exporting countries heavily dependent on their oil exports.

Publication date: 13 February 03:31 AM
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