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Black Lives Matter - Investors Keep Ignoring Major Riot In US In 50 Years. Why?

Everyone has probably heard of the #BlackLivesMatter riots, which have been going on in the United States for a while. However, international financial markets seem to have been underestimating this event, which happens to be the biggest riots in the USA in 50 years! Why is that?

Publication date: 18 June 07:56 AM

Russia Urgently Needs External Scapegoat Enemy

According to Ksenia Semyonova, Chief Editor of TheQuestion, assumes that Russia urgently needs an external enemy as a scapegoat to be blamed for all the misfortunes Russia is facing. To be more specific, she says that in 2015 President Putin quoted Emperor Alexander III, who liked to say that the Russian Empire had only 2 allies – the army and the navy – while other nations may turn into Russia’s enemies whenever they see the right moment. President Putin agreed with this opinion. That said, president Putin says that Western nations forced Russia to apply some force for the sake of defending personal interests.

Publication date: 29 January 08:02 AM

Trump May Turn Into Dictator, Soros Says

In case you don’t know, on January 20th, 2017, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America. This was the most expensive inauguration in the U.S. history. Donald Trump is a Republican.



He spent some 200 million dollars on the event. For the sake of comparison, Barack Obama spent just 124 million dollars on the same event.  The ceremony gathered the USA’s most influential politicians, including Barack Obama and his wife as well as President Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton and his husband. It’s interesting to note that the ceremony was sponsored by companies and individuals, which is something that you can rarely see in such cases. As a result, the ceremony turned out to be the most expensive inauguration in the U.S. history. The average cost per ticket was $150. However, those who paid $1.000.000 could watch everything from the VIP seats, and participate in all the events following the inauguration.

Publication date: 27 January 04:24 AM

Bloomberg Innovation Index: Russia Goes 14 Positions Down, Ukraine Moves Only 1 Position Down.

Not so long ago, Bloomberg updated its Bloomberg Innovation Index. Russia dropped 14 positons down at a time relative to the same rating 12 months before. For those of you who don’t know, the index includes 50 countries from around the world with the most innovative economies.


As 12 months ago, the rating is led by South Korea with 89,0 rating points. Experts say that the Asian dragon is number one in the rating, with a huge lead, thanks to the biggest share of investments in research and development, patents, higher education, innovative technologies, and some other aspects used as the criteria for the rating.
Publication date: 25 January 11:31 PM

Trump Offered Russia Milder Sanctions In Exchange For Nuclear Weapon Cuts

President Trump has been the major newsmaker ever since it was elected in later 2016. After the incident with a secret service report on the hacker attacks on the Democrats’ emails allegedly initiated by Russia, Americans started protests in almost all the major cities of the USA, especially as the president’s reaction to the report was shocking to some of them. The protestors were against President Trump’s national security policy.

Publication date: 23 January 11:05 AM

China Warned Trump About Tough Consequences Of Recognizing Taiwan

Since President-Elect Trump won the U.S. presidential election in late 2016, his personality as well as his harsh statements have been criticized in the international geopolitical arena.  


In particular, the Chinese government used local mass media to announce their determination to show a tough response to President-Elect Trump’s ambiguous attitude to Taiwan.  It’s not a secret that Mr. Trump has seen China as one of the major threats to the USA. This means, that the China-US relations may well get tense in the near future after Mr. Trump moves to the White House in a couple of days.  
Publication date: 19 January 01:56 AM

Ignoring Russian Aggression May Destroy Existing World Order, Experts Say

The international expert community is discussing the prospects of anti-Russian sanctions. The experts believe that ignoring Russia’s aggressive external policies threatens the existing world order.


During her recent final speech in Washington, Samantha Jane Power, who is the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, named weaker anti-Russian sanctions as a step not helping to stop Russia’s aggression in the region. She believes that once the Western world eases the pressure on Russia, Putin will get a signal that he can avoid punishment and can continue violating the international law in the future.
Publication date: 18 January 11:38 PM

Why Did Trump Decide to Defend Putin?

As Barack Obama is leaving the White House, the relations between Moscow and Washington are getting tenser. In this situation, President-Elect Trump is acting as Putin’s advocate.


For those of you who don’t know, Barack Obama expanded the sanctions against Russia in late 2016 as a respond to Russia’s cyber-attacks in advance of the U.S. presidential election won by Donald Trump. Obama’s decision implies further confrontations between the Kremlin and the U.S. Democrats, including Obama’s administration and American secret agencies.
Publication date: 18 January 03:09 AM

Trump Hates Democratic Standards, That’s Dangerous for the Entire World, Foreign Policy Expert Says

After the end of World War II, the international community started spreading democratic standards across the planet. The USA seems to have been the leader in spreading democracy around the world, at least until recently. Now many experts are concerned that the situation may change because of the fact that Donald Trump is about to become President of the United States.


In his speeches, President-Elect Trump questioned the democratic world a number of times. They are afraid that if he makes the USA stop fighting for justice, mutual respect, and peace in the entire world, many of those dictators in various parts of the world may get greater freedom and power, and may start threatening weaker nations.
Publication date: 18 January 01:03 AM

Trump's Isolationism Policy May Lead To Major Conflict, Roubini Says

Nouriel Roubini, a world-famous economist who predicted the 2008 global crisis, expressed his opinion on how Trump’s isolationism policy may affect the entire world.


First of all, Donald Trump’s victory during the latest presidential election in the USA is not just a populist attempt to react to globalization. Chances are, the very “Pax Americana” is coming to an end. For those of you who don’t know, this is a system led by the Western community based on free exchange and collective security and created by the USA and its allies after World War II.
Publication date: 15 January 02:30 AM

Trump Will Need Revolutionary Methods to Make America Great Again, Experts Say

It’s not a secret that Donald Trump has been the focus of international mass media ever since he decided to participate in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and eventually won it to become the 45th President of the United States.


For those of you who don’t know, President-Elect Trump promised to make America great again. If to take a closer look at his ambitious plan he is going to implement, it becomes clear why the current American political elite started accusing him of sexism, racism, and even fascism, not to mention other accusations.
Publication date: 13 January 02:12 AM
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